Chris Collins Takes Down Mark Berg

Chris Collins (R-29 nominee)


Tea-partier Mark Berg, the one-term delegate in whom Bob Marshall finally found a friend, has been defeated by Frederick county supervisor Chris Collins. Berg is a medical doctor who points to his degree for credibility, and consults his bible for constitutionality (being yet another official who believes God wrote the Bill of Rights, so phooie on you, James Madison).

Collins is no leftie, so whatever cheers this deserves should be specific to getting rid of another extremist. From his Web page, Collins is clear that he’s a solidly conservative Republican. Yet, compared to Berg, he may be (I said, “may be”) relatively moderate. His statement on the issues speaks approvingly of, “friendly labor laws,” and says that a woman who, “chooses to have an abortion” should be given “better options.” Better options is subtly different than fewer options, which the Marshalls and the Bergs prefer. I’m not saying Mr. Collins is pro-choice. I doubt that he is. But it is refreshing, at least, to read the position statement of a Republican who speaks in terms of things like friendly laws and better options, rather than proclaiming divine knowledge and declaring support for more proscriptions on women’s rights.

There is no Democrat or other candidate on the ballot. (Kristine Stubbs “failed to qualify, according to VPAP.) Mr. Collins is assured of election. Whether we can be assured he is at all moderate, compared to Mr. Berg, will have to be seen. What’s worthy of note today, however, is that he appears to have run as comparatively moderate during his primary race, and beaten an incumbent, far-right fellow traveler of Bob Marshall’s by doing so.

One takes one’s evidence of moderation in places like Frederick county with a healthy bit of skepticism. So, for the victory of Mr. Collins over Mr. Berg, I can’t quite say, “Hurray!!!” But it’s a sign at least worthy of approval.


NoVa Legislators Ask TMac to Declare Martial Law

In yet another delivery of political gamesmanship when the order clearly asked for “good governance,” three northern Virginia members of the GA have, in effect, asked the governor to declare martial law and seize control of Virginia’s airports and seaports. Specifically, Sen. Dick Black, Del. Bob Marshall (why is it always Bob Marshall?) and Del. Mark Berg, have sent a joint letter to Gov. Terry McAuliffe, telling him that Ebola in America is Obama’s fault (because, you know, everything is Obama’s fault), and that he must use “the police powers of Virginia” to close our airports and seaports to any vehicle arriving from “Ebola affected areas” (presumably including the state of Texas). They state that fever-screening is not reliable and that the governor should take note that, “government travel restrictions were used to limit Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).” These lawmakers urge the governor to take state control over airlines (and shipping lines), even if that means being taken to court by those airlines (and shipping lines) and/or the federal government (because, you know, what they are asking him to do would be illegal). Continue reading “NoVa Legislators Ask TMac to Declare Martial Law”