It Ain’t Over…

But it’s getting pretty close. The Loudoun Hounds baseball stadium, originally planned for the Kincora development at the southwest corner of the intersection of Routes 7 and 28, then moved west to the One Loudoun site, may be going into the bottom of its ninth inning. The Loudoun County circuit court granted VIP Baseball’s lawyers’ request to be allowed to drop their client, which hasn’t been able to pay them in recent weeks. A corporation cannot represent itself in Virginia, so this may be the end. VIP has been in litigation with One Loudoun for some time. Trial is set for October. If VIP can’t find new counsel by then, or loses the case, then Yogi Berra’s famous tautology will be fulfilled: it will be over.

No Hounds, No Stadium And Doggone It, Where’s Fetch?

Loudoun Hounds ball park then and now
As promised by the Hounds project (left), the ball club has been rumored to be swinging into action for years. Today, however (right) the baseball diamond remains a field of dreams.

The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Clubs has released its 2015 schedule, formalizing what everyone in Loudoun County already knew: There will be no “Loudoun Hounds” baseball team joining the Atlantic League until 2016 at the soonest.

In 2010 the club announced it would take the field in 2012. Since then, a proposed stadium site was moved from Kincora to One Loudoun, opening days have come and gone, and last month the Edelman Financial Field stadium deal was pronounced dead.

Loudoun Hounds stadium groundbreaking
The June 2013, official “groundbreaking” of Edelman Financial Field at One Loudoun. The shovels, in retrospect, might have been excessive.

A photo-op groundbreaking ceremony was held at the proposed stadium site in June 2013, and since that time Hounds ownership claimed work was “ongoing” – but as of late October 2014, whatever “work” has been done gives no visible evidence of any future stadium at the site.

Dinwiddie Dog and Detroit Polo
“Dinwiddie” (left), mascot of the newly-announced Detroit Fox Hounds, bears a striking resemblance to a certain vanished Loudoun celebrity. He appeared with the project team for “Enchanted Corner,” a proposed $1.8 billion bond-financed Detroit revitalization project anchored by Fox Hounds Stadium, a world-class elephant polo facility for inner-city youth. (Photo and report sent by an alert reader in Michigan are still being corroborated, but appear as credible as the Hounds’ promises).

While the future prospects of the baseball team and stadium are in litigation, the Hounds’ mascot “Fetch” has not been seen in Loudoun County for many months. Sightings are occasionally reported in other locales: Whenever such reports can be confirmed, we will inform our readers.