Yes, It’s Us

FirewallNOVA Left and FirewallNOVA Right are Joe Budzinski and Stevens Miller, though probably not respectively. Kudos to those who have already guessed, though it’s not like we were really keeping it a big secret.

Why have yet another political blog, particularly one with no clear political slant? It’s tempting to say that, if political slants are worth having, that makes this place twice the fun of other blogs, since we’ve got (at least) two of those here. However, that’s not the point of this project. Your proprietors are, in fact, as different in their political inclinations as you think we are. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we agree on.

Politically, we’re in mutual opposition, and that’s not likely to change. Philosophically, however, we are both way past the point of being fed up with bullshit. Theoretically, if one of our sides is correct, then straight facts and plain talk will make that clear to everyone. But, regardless of what might be promised elsewhere, it’s asking a reader to believe quite a bit when a forum is run by, for, or in the name of one side and not the other, while its hosts proclaim their God-like powers of fairness and objectivity.

We don’t claim, nor do we offer, neutrality (and we don’t suggest you put a lot of faith in anyone who offers that, either). We do claim and we will offer two things: first, we offer a place where, if you have a case to make, you can make it, provided you don’t waste anyone’s time with jive, bull, hearsay, or insults. We’re largely going to enforce that by relying on the honor system. If you’re clever enough for jive, you’re smart enough to know it. Police yourself, so we won’t have to. Second, we claim to be an example of political opponents actually cooperating with each other and making something work. Everyone says that’s what they want, but no one seems to think it’s possible. Well, this little project isn’t going to change the world, but we like to think it proves a point worth proving.

By the way, we don’t edit each other’s stuff. If you see a post or comment by FirewallNOVA Left, blame (or praise) Left, as Right had nothing to do with it. Likewise, if you see a post or comment by FirewallNOVA Right, blame (or praise) Right, as Left had nothing to do with it. When we’re on the same page, we’re just “FirewallNOVA.” (Posts from someone trading as “FirewallNOVA Guy” appear from time to time, but we’re not really sure if he’s real, a figment of our imaginations, or a hacker. Stay tuned.)

The 2015 cycle will soon be (or already is) under way. We thought this was the right moment, between elections, to go public.

Now on with the show.