It’s Not Like Those Are Real Jobs, Right?

Dick Black tweeted what he apparently thinks are the comparative resumé items of note for himself and Dr. Jill McCabe, his challenger. Because someone who still had an ounce of sense in them deleted that tweet shortly after, here it is for you:


McCabe’s list is actually somewhat longer than what Black admits to. She’s been part-owner of a small business, a department head at a large business, and, well, done some other stuff. No reason to get into it, as the tweet above really makes its own point, and it’s not about anyone’s resumé.

I do think a couple of the entries on Black’s side are kind of funny: Herpetologist? No, that’s not a person who specializes in sexually transmitted diseases: it’s a person who studies snakes. I’ve been following Col. Black’s career for a number of years, and that’s the first time I’ve seen that one mentioned. Frankly, snakes aren’t something I think a career politician ought to bring up, but maybe I’m overly sensitive.

A couple more that caught my eye were these: “Juris Doctor” and “Career Prosecutor.” Both of those are oblique ways of avoiding having to use the word “lawyer.” See, a “juris” doctor is a holder of a law degree (that’s as opposed to a real doctor, who holds a medical degree, like Dr. Jill McCabe). Republicans, many of whom are lawyers, tend to think the world has too many lawyers in it, so, obviously, attorney Dick Black wants to avoid using that word. But, it’s important to the point (he thinks) he is making to have his list be as long as possible. So there it is, really, twice, just in stealth mode.

Someone pulled the tweet already, but the attentive Huffington Post caught it and wrote about it today.

(Herpetologist? Seriously?)

BREAKING: Mulrine Out, McCabe In

Retired Army colonel, attorney, and past president of the Loudoun County Bar Association, Thomas V. Mulrine, of Leesburg, has announced at tonight’s meeting of the LCDC that he is ending his bid for the Democratic nomination to state senate district 13. If nominated, Mulrine would have faced Sen. Dick Black in the general election.

This is kind of a shame, as Mulrine is a popular guy in the legal world, has a great narrative (including, like Sen. Black, combat duty in Viet Nam), and is pretty charismatic (I met him years ago, when he played a witness at the Bar Association’s annual Law Camp; he’s simply an instantly likable person). When elected to lead the bar, he declared diversity would be his top goal.

Announcing that she is entering the race in Mulrine’s stead is Jill McCabe, a pediatrician with Inova Loudoun. She’s a little more soft-spoken than Tom, but we all have a bit of the deer-in-the-headlights look, at the start. With Medicaid expansion a big interest of Inova’s and much of the (feeling betrayed?) business community’s, a doctor might be just what we need.

More on this new candidate as we get it.

Tom Mulrine
Jill McCabe