What “Town” is Tag Greason Living In?


A little poking around discovered that Greason has done at least one of these “town hall” teleconferences before. But, here’s the clever bit: you don’t call him, he calls you. Lucky donors constituents got a robo-call, inviting them to stay on the line to participate in a conference call with Greason. If that’s his method, it means he picks and chooses who gets to talk to him. The rest of us are locked out. Not only does that limit access to his hand-picked few, it virtually guarantees the outcome of any “polling” he does of his carefully constructed audience. If you get the call and value integrity, please stay on the line, then come tell us what he said and what he asked you. The results may be illuminating.


Yesterday, a couple of folks with a history of supporting Republicans contacted us to say that Tag Greason had robo-called them, promoting a “tele-town hall” meeting (you know, one of those massively-multiplayer conference calls where, if you pass the screeners, you get to ask a soft-ball question so a politician can pretend to be accessible, but in a secure location with the curtains closed). No one I would call “a known Democrat” has told us they got this call, so it’s a fair guess this “town hall” is a campaign event, not the constituent-outreach that many have complained for a long time is a missing piece of Tag Greason’s representation. But, what do you expect from a guy who gets his bills written for him at the secret meetings held by ALEC? (Not sure if that includes the bills he puts in to undo the bills he passed that ALEC wrote for him. It gets kind of hard to follow when a man is trying to please his masters, but avoid the blame when it all goes wrong.)

Actually, if the below is accurate, there’s no question that this is a campaign stunt:


That’s from one of those sites where you can report annoying automated or other phone calls you don’t want. Note the “Caller” is “Friends of Tag Greason.” Also note that the person called says they don’t live in Virginia. Makes you wonder if maybe Tag is reluctant to call his own constituents. Perhaps more likely is that this is a fund-raiser, to catch up for the fact that his challenger, Elizabeth Miller (my wife) raised two-and-one-half times as much as Tag did in the first quarter of this year. Considering that, in the same time, Tag’s cash-on-hand decreased by five-thousand dollars, and Elizabeth’s increased by fifteen-thousand dollars, he might be scrambling for cash wherever he can get it.

If anyone did get the number and time of this promotional event, please pass it along. I doubt we’ll donate, but we’re willing to listen to the ask.

Update: Fear & Loathing in the LCDC

Two days ago, we reported Elizabeth Miller’s announcement that she will again run for the 32nd District house seat in 2015, most likely challenging incumbent “Tag” Greason. The next day, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee ran its own announcement on its Web page.

And why not?

Apparently there’s an answer to that question as, today, the announcement is gone. Sources tell FirewallNOVA that yet another internal squabble at LCDC is the reason. Why the LCDC actually does what it does is a mystery to even the greatest minds of our era, but it would appear that a good approximation is that they must want Republicans to win elections. With an all-Republican county board, and an all-Republican house delegation, squelching announcements from Democratic candidates makes perfect sense. Anything else would threaten their perfect batting average.

Too bad for Loudoun’s Democrats that they’re batting for the other team.


Here’s Google’s copy of LCDC’s Web site, before it was censored.
(Click to see it full-sized.)

Somewhere today, "Tag" Greason is laughing about this.
Somewhere today, “Tag” Greason is laughing about this.

Liz Miller Running Again (Already)

Elizabeth Miller announced on her blog that she’s in for 2015, challenging “Tag” Greason again. Reports have it that lots of love was aimed her way at the recently held annual Loudoun Democrats’ banquet, so whatever the problem was in 2013, it’s gone (or has resigned) now. Then again, coming within a few hundred votes of unseating a guy no one even challenged in the previous race forgives a lot of sins.

Too early to make a call, but this is certainly going to be a race to watch.

The War on Women Words Continues

Making this a News Brief because, really, does anyone still care? Did anyone ever? If you do, Del. Barbara Comstock has weighed in with a letter of her own, responding to Sen. Chap Petersen’s letter, which followed Elizabeth Miller’s letter, which deconstructed Mike Turner’s letter, with everyone saying someone else was playing games with legislation.


Let FirewallNOVA clear this up for you: Comstock is running for Congress as a Republican at a time when Republicans are trying to court more of the women’s vote. She tried to put through some half-baked legislation that would make her look friendly to women, and the Democrats stopped her.

That is all.