It’s Not Like Those Are Real Jobs, Right?

Dick Black tweeted what he apparently thinks are the comparative resumé items of note for himself and Dr. Jill McCabe, his challenger. Because someone who still had an ounce of sense in them deleted that tweet shortly after, here it is for you:


McCabe’s list is actually somewhat longer than what Black admits to. She’s been part-owner of a small business, a department head at a large business, and, well, done some other stuff. No reason to get into it, as the tweet above really makes its own point, and it’s not about anyone’s resumé.

I do think a couple of the entries on Black’s side are kind of funny: Herpetologist? No, that’s not a person who specializes in sexually transmitted diseases: it’s a person who studies snakes. I’ve been following Col. Black’s career for a number of years, and that’s the first time I’ve seen that one mentioned. Frankly, snakes aren’t something I think a career politician ought to bring up, but maybe I’m overly sensitive.

A couple more that caught my eye were these: “Juris Doctor” and “Career Prosecutor.” Both of those are oblique ways of avoiding having to use the word “lawyer.” See, a “juris” doctor is a holder of a law degree (that’s as opposed to a real doctor, who holds a medical degree, like Dr. Jill McCabe). Republicans, many of whom are lawyers, tend to think the world has too many lawyers in it, so, obviously, attorney Dick Black wants to avoid using that word. But, it’s important to the point (he thinks) he is making to have his list be as long as possible. So there it is, really, twice, just in stealth mode.

Someone pulled the tweet already, but the attentive Huffington Post caught it and wrote about it today.

(Herpetologist? Seriously?)

Dick Black: Dirty Power, Fewer Jobs

Abiding by the enduring policy of right-wing extremists that, if Obama is for it, they’re against it, Americans For Prosperity chose today to announce Dick Black’s pending appearance in Sterling. The reason today was a bad choice (as though any day for Dick Black to be propounding policy could be a good one) is that Barbara Comstock (a Republican), Mark Herring (a Democrat), and Scott York (God knows) all appeared to speak at, and celebrate, the ground-breaking for the Panda Stonewall electric power plant. Stonewall won unanimous approval from the previous Loudoun board of supervisors (my board, which means five Dems, two Republicans, and two Independents all approved it, with no dissenters). Ordinarily, locating a power plant in eastern Loudoun county would be a bad idea. But, this power plant will rely on natural gas, not coal or oil, to run its generators. Joe May, who was also at the groundbreaking, suggested it would even be a good idea to test the pollutants in the air brought into the plant against the pollutants in the plant’s output vents, as the filtration is so powerful, it might actually be cleaner coming out than going in. (I certainly have faith in the cleanliness of the plant: I live less than three miles from the site, down-wind.)

Yet, AFP and Dick Black, never missing a chance to be seen opposing the Obama administration, whether that’s good policy or not, announced that AFP’s “Power Up Virginia Tour” will come next to Sterling, apparently advocating for more antiquated, inefficient, black-lung-inducing coal-fired plants. Here’s the relevant text:

Next Tuesday, Senator Dick Black and Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips are leading the charge to stop the EPA’s disastrous “Clean Power Plan” from destroying more jobs in the Commonwealth.

Yup, that nasty ol’ natural gas plant, with its low emissions (and low noise, and low physical profile) is only going to bring hundreds of construction jobs to the county, along with permanent plant staff, while adding over 700 megawatts of locally generated power to the grid. County planners estimate that, in its first decade of operation, the plant will bring billions of dollars into the local economy.

Barbara Comstock, Mark Herring, and Scott York celebrating a clean-power, job-creating project that Dick Black hates because Obama likes it.

Clean power, more jobs, local revenue: of course Dick Black is against it. While Republican Barbara Comstock is celebrating it, Republican Dick Black is declaring war on progress. I’m no great fan of the politics of either person, but one of them is, at least, admitting to the existence of a good idea, in spite of it being consistent with the policies of the president, while the other is denying that anything can be a good idea, if it is consistent with the policies of the president.

To a certain kind of voter, dirty power, fewer jobs, and lost opportunity are not too high prices to pay, if they buy some fight against Obama. To the rest of us, the possibility that modern technology can lead to employment, clean air, and revenue, is something we’re willing to consider, even if the president approves.

NoVa Legislators Ask TMac to Declare Martial Law

In yet another delivery of political gamesmanship when the order clearly asked for “good governance,” three northern Virginia members of the GA have, in effect, asked the governor to declare martial law and seize control of Virginia’s airports and seaports. Specifically, Sen. Dick Black, Del. Bob Marshall (why is it always Bob Marshall?) and Del. Mark Berg, have sent a joint letter to Gov. Terry McAuliffe, telling him that Ebola in America is Obama’s fault (because, you know, everything is Obama’s fault), and that he must use “the police powers of Virginia” to close our airports and seaports to any vehicle arriving from “Ebola affected areas” (presumably including the state of Texas). They state that fever-screening is not reliable and that the governor should take note that, “government travel restrictions were used to limit Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).” These lawmakers urge the governor to take state control over airlines (and shipping lines), even if that means being taken to court by those airlines (and shipping lines) and/or the federal government (because, you know, what they are asking him to do would be illegal). Continue reading “NoVa Legislators Ask TMac to Declare Martial Law”

Delgaudio Unbowed

Eugene Delgaudio as superman
Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio appeared optimistic at his October 4 campaign kickoff

In case you were worried the unpleasantness of the past year might have hampered Eugene Delgaudio’s exuberant style, you can put that concern to rest.

The Sterling district supervisor was back in vigorous form at his campaign kickoff and fundraiser last weekend at Joe’s Pizza in Sterling, with about 80 attendees over the course of the two-plus hour event. Looking primed, rested and jovial, he seemed at full speed on the campaign trail already, and said he is extremely encouraged by what he’s hearing from constituents.

At least from Delgaudio’s side, the 2015 election season promises to be a barnburner.
Continue reading “Delgaudio Unbowed”

Virginia Republican Support for Assad Grows

Apparently, Syrian president and mass-murderer Bashar al-Assad isn’t such a bad guy, according to a growing number of Virginia Republican legislators. Earlier this year, Sen. Dick Black (in)famously wrote to Assad, telling him what a fine fellow he was. More recently, Del. Bob Marshall (are you surprised?) had this to say:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who may be criticized on other grounds, has not beheaded Americans or Israelis.

What a decent guy, eh?

Those “other grounds” Marshall casually ignores include the deaths of over 100,000 people (over 30,000 of them civilians), leading to Assad’s condemnation by the United Nations, and (just this year) his renewed use of chlorine gas against non-combatants including children.

But, to date, there is no video of him beheading anyone (well, at least not any American or Israelis), so what’s the big deal?

The big deal, of course, is that President Obama supports some of Assad’s opponents and, therefore, as Obama is against him, Black and Marshall are for him.

At the same time, in a rare display of its own love of war overwhelming its hate for the president, the Republican majority in Congress produced enough votes to approve Obama’s plan to provide Pentagon assistance to “appropriately vetted” members of the Syrian opposition. (Now, this is war and, as the experts tell us, war is “a mess,” so it is inevitable that some of those “vetted” members will make mistakes, change sides, or turn out to be spies, at which point this will all become Hillary Clinton’s fault, but let’s deal with that in two more years, okay?)

Bashar al-Assad is a vicious killer. Obama wants to take him down and even Congress thinks that’s a good idea.

So what does their support for al-Assad tell you about Dick Black and Bob Marshall?

AssadAndFriends(Once again, if you can stand it, here’s Bob Marshall’s entire screed.)

Lazaro Out. Ramadan Rising?

After our item on him last week, multiple sources tell us that Bob Lazaro will not be running for Dick Black’s seat. Reasons conflict, so we won’t speculate.

Meanwhile, although unsupported by reliable info, speculation does abound that David Ramadan will step up if the increasingly frail Senator Black decides he’s had enough. This would clear the way for John Bell to try one more time for a seat in the Virginia house of delegates.

Black’s seat is obviously one the Democrats badly want. Ramadan would make it hard to get. If no credible Dem nominee appears before the end of this year, and Ramadan does run, expect the Republicans to keep it for quite a while.