You’ll Be Dead Before The Silver Line Can Improve Your Life

Wiehle Avenue metro station
Opening of the Wiehle Avenue station of the Silver Line has likely been delayed until summer of 2014

Or: If a rail line no one will ride doesn’t run, is it news?

One minor news item the past week was this notice from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) that their review of the Silver Line Phase 1 Substantial Completion Submission from the Bechtel-led Dulles Transit Partners (DTP) had “determined the contractor has not yet met the contract requirements for substantial completion.” As a result, the Silver Line will not be running anytime soon.

This garnered a few mentions in the news, minor discussion, no brouhaha. Because, honestly, who cares? (Er, apart from Toll Road drivers who won’t ride the Silver Line but will foot much of the bill.)

A more instructive story was this bit of deceptively understated analysis by the Post’s Dr. Gridlock which laid out how the Silver Line will be hampered, to put it mildly, by systemic limitations. At peak performance, the Silver Line will deliver a decidedly suboptimal experience:

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