“What Would You Say to the Birthers, Ted?”

God only knows how I get on these nut-case right-wing mailing lists (Bob Marshall, fercryinoutloud!), but I do. In a way, I’m glad. First, they break up the monotony of the embarrassingly identical “click here to donate $5, click here to donate $10, click here to donate $20” e-mails the Democrats are carpet-bombing us with. Second, and more usefully, they keep me informed as to how the right is trying to motivate its base.

This time, “Americans For Prosperity” (the group that held a Medicaid “town hall” in Ashburn, inviting only Republican legislators to speak because they, “didn’t think Democrats would come,” even though two Democratic state senators were in the building at the same time) wants me to be on a toll-free conference call with Sen. Ted Cruz. AFP’s e-mail says I’ll, “even have the opportunity to ask Senator Cruz a question.” First thing that came to my mind was above. If you want to be part of this event, sure to be deemed as historically significant as Cruz’s “filibuster,” here’s how:

If you get the “opportunity,” what will you ask?