Does This Show The Temperament For A Supervisor?

From the Republican candidate for Broad Run supervisor’s Twitter feed:


“Bro-hood?” “Butt-buddies?”

This guy still has some growing up to do.

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5 thoughts on “Does This Show The Temperament For A Supervisor?”

  1. Excellent exposure. Yes, the Republican ideologues will say much in private that that won’t in public. If Meyers, learned anything, it will be to scrub his twitter feed to hide his immaturity and bigotry.


    I’m very, very disappointed in you. I thought you were an independent, but you defend the deplorable.

    Shame on you.

    Btw, you contributed nothing to the government reform commission which made recommendations to make Loudoun worse. You had a chance to show your independence. You failed, miserably.

  2. Three years is less than the term of the office he is seeking. I need more stability than that. Let him publicly apologize for these (and a number of other) immature comments, show some work for the community here in his new home, and come back with a few more years on his resume. Until then, I think “maybe he has” grown up in three years isn’t enough to earn my trust.

  3. The school comment is what bothers me the most. Who cares what school Obama attended as a young child? Is it actually relevant? The Muslim community hasn’t always been openly welcomed in Loudoun and this raises concerns about how he’ll work with that portion of his potential constituency.

  4. Good point, TravisW! Saying that “Muslim-sympathizer” is a strike against a person is the same as saying you favor strikes against Muslims.

    vacliff, has your candidate repudiated his remarks, or does he still stand by them?

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