Statement from Shawn Williams

Former Broad Run supervisor Shawn Williams posted this statement to his Facebook page today:

Yesterday I resigned my position as the Broad Run District representative on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. I want to apologize to my family, colleagues, neighbors, friends and constituents for this disappointment. My understanding is that a succession plan is currently being worked out that will ensure the Broad Run District has good representation on the Board of Supervisors.

On Saturday night after a long neighborhood party I confronted my good friend and neighbor after he gave me what I know was intended as friendly advice. I want to specifically apologize to him and his family for my actions. This poor decision highlights a personal shortcoming that can no longer be denied or compartmentalized. It has become painfully clear I need help with my alcohol abuse and I am getting professional help. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers at this time.

Thank You … Shawn

The comments have been, as of this writing, unanimously supportive. Unlike a lot of elected officials whose private problems come into public view, Shawn isn’t denying that his exist, nor that he needs to confront and defeat them. Being a supervisor is a lot more work than I suspect most people know. It’s only fair and reasonable that he should devote his energy to coping with his personal life, and let the rest of the board worry about the county at this time. It’s also very uplifting to see so many people, of so varied a range of political persuasions, showing our neighbor some compassion. Some will say he should have resigned sooner, but his board service seems never to have suffered from the issues he’s dealing with at home. I really don’t think anyone can say he failed as a public servant, so any such sniping says a lot more about the sniper than it does about the target.

Wild speculation is everywhere as to who, if anyone, the remaining board members will appoint to replace him. We have some solid info on that, but will keep it to ourselves, other than to say it will not be anyone currently running for office.

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3 thoughts on “Statement from Shawn Williams”

  1. Williams does not just abuse alcohol. He abuses persons. This is just the latest episode in a regular pattern dating back ten years, when he beat up a live-in girl friend so much she fled into the streets in her nightclothes. All this sympathy for Williams is misplaced. He exhibits a common pattern of abuser

  2. I’m glad you brought up the fact that Shawn, himself, is not the only victim of his behavior, Charlie. But if he can find help, it saves not only him from future bad acts, but all the others he might act badly towards. So long as his desire to recover is sincere, I think it should be encouraged. If anyone in his position just mouths the words, but does nothing to change, then, yes, I would agree that further sympathy is wasted.

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