Loudoun Republicans Tout Unity, Growth, Optimism, “New Vision”

Michael Haynes, chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC), observed that “after days of rain and gloomy weather, the sun came out to welcome our candidates,” an appropriate backdrop for Friday’s GOP “Unity” event in Leesburg. Joined by Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck, it served as an unofficial kickoff for the 2015 campaign, a chance to clarify positions on Independent candidates, and an opportunity to smooth over differences from the recent LCRC convention.

This is the second half of our coverage of Friday’s event. As noted in yesterday’s post, Sheriff Mike Chapman carried the GOP’s main message of unity (contrasting with the chaos on the Loudoun Democrats’ ticket).

Loudoun Republican Charlie King
KING: “Integrity is the most important quality of a leader.”

Opening speaker and candidate for chair of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Charlie King, said, “It’s time for new leadership and a new vision for Loudoun County.” [The Bull Elephant has the full text of King’s remarks.]

King took two Independent candidates to task: Scott York (Board chair), who left the Republican Party, and Steve Simpson (sheriff candidate), who pledged to support the 2015 ticket, and then broke the pledge for a second time since 2007.

Regarding Simpson, King said that for police, “reputation is everything”:

Based on an officer’s word, people will be convicted of crimes and sent to jail. How can Steve Simpson possibly lead the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office when he cannot honor simple promises to play by the rules?

But King focused most of his condemnation on York, his opponent for Board chair. He characterized York’s change of heart about seeking another term as “waffling”:

Loudoun County needs a decisive leader. If Mr. York takes months to make a decision while reversing himself over and over, how can the voters believe he is capable of making the many tough calls the next Board will have to make?

Loudoun Republican Ron Meyer
MEYER: “With Metro coming … we have a lot of opportunities to bring in commercial growth.”

The GOP nominee for Broad Run supervisor, Ron Meyer, highlighted nuts-and-bolts issues showing the Republican ticket unified on “conservative values to make people’s lives better …. Better commute, better schools, better cost of living, a better place to be.” Meyer noted the economic potential of Metro locations coming to Loudoun, and said commercial development will allow the county to continue increasing school funding and road improvements.

Meyer said the best way to seek lower fees on the Greenway is by expanding alternatives to the Greenway: “Take it to their pocket book so we can bring them to the table.”

Loudoun Republican Will Estrada
ESTRADA: “Fighting for the homeowners so the taxes are not as high.”

Will Estrada, supervisor candidate for the Leesburg District seat, said reducing property taxes is one of the key reasons he’s running. Estrada said the Republican candidates are united around the concept of “lean” government, to “make sure we have efficiency in government.”

Loudoun Republican Tony Buffington
BUFFINGTON: “This is the right group to provide reasonable, common sense leadership to ensure Loudoun remains a great to live, work, play, and raise a family, far into the future.”

The GOP nominee for Blue Ridge District supervisor, Tony Buffington, said the Loudoun Republicans are united, “willing and ready to lead our county,” and gave an overview of his policy agenda:

Reduce traffic congestion, support our schools – to include our small schools in the West – expand broadband and cellular coverage in the West, and improve the balance between residential and commercial development in a way that strengthens our economy, including our rural economy.

Virginia Senate Stephen Hollingshead
HOLLINGSHEAD: “We unite this year around the theme of economic growth.”

Candidate for State Senate, Stephen Hollingshead, said Republicans are “the party of growth and optimism,” and noted the Democratic Party has changed for the worse over the past generation:

Remember, “Ask not what your country can do for you”? That’s migrated somehow into, “You didn’t build that.” We’ve gotten away from the great American ideal of the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation and economic growth, and that’s what we need to get back to.

Bob Wertz, Mike Chapman, Eugene Delgaudio
DELGAUDIO: “I’ve worked very closely with Mr. Chapman over the past four years.”

Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, said he is “famous for getting along on behalf of my Sterling District” with both Democrats, and Chairman Scott York. “But I much prefer Republicans.”

Although he campaigned against Sheriff Mike Chapman prior to the LCRC convention, Delgaudio has buried the hatchet. On Friday, Delgaudio said he supports both Chapman over Steve Simpson, and Charlie King over Scott York, “by a landslide.”

June 9 is the deadline for candidates to file to be included on the ballot for the November 3 general election. When the filing process is complete, FirewallNOVA will post a list of all Loudoun County candidates.

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