Charlie Jackson is Number One

I have real doubts that blog postings about blog postings are worth much time, and even more doubts about some blogs than others, but… it’s interesting to note that Blue Virginia‘s list today of winners and losers (from yesterday’s primaries) starts its winners list with Democratic 10th CD Chair, Charlie Jackson. Referring to unsurpassed coordination among individual supporters, institutions, and candidates, they said this:

Charlie Jackson, the Democratic political strategist and 10th CD Democratic chair who helped mastermind all this, must have a big smile on his face this morning.

I bet he does. Might even be a bit of a boost to his ego (if he needs one 😉 ).

Charlie’s been a growing factor in NoVa politics for at least the last eight years. I’d call him a rising star, but stars are easy to see. Jackson works behind the scenes, and very, very effectively. I’d call him a rising force instead. Originally a local reporter, now a lobbyist, Jackson is something unusual in local Democratic politics: a professional.

Most of the leadership roles in party politics get taken up by amateurs. There’s nothing wrong with this and, arguably, it means that politics remains the province of the people. Still, politics is pointless if your party doesn’t win, and useless if your party’s winners don’t know (or don’t get their advice from people who know) what they’re doing. Adopting the role of advisee takes humility. That’s not highly correlated with the sort of person who acquires their first elected position, or party committee chairmanship. Worse, it’s sometimes really hard to know just whom to take seriously as your adviser. Advice from a real pro is hard to find, and can even cost you something. But it’s worth taking, if you have the humility to admit it.

If you’re a NoVa Dem, consider taking it from this guy.





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