Bob Marshall and Adoption

Remember “the adoption option,” that anti-choicers seem to think is the easy alternative to abortion? Well, Bob Marshall doesn’t. In his latest encyclical newsletter (part of a series he is sending in anticipation of the Supreme Court undoing his greatest personal achievement by restoring freedom to the Virginia state constitution), he actually says this:


Since families come from parents, you cannot look past parents and still have a family — because there would be no family there. Homosexual acts cannot generate families; therefore, their ‘families’ cannot be the same. If there are children present, we may be sure that both parents of the children are not present in that family. That is a lot to look past.

Same-sex couples sometimes adopt children, just as mixed-sex couples do. Bob’s colossal inability to treat people equally has him oblivious to the fact that, by his “logic” above, he has declared that couples who adopt do not become parents. Bob says, “there would be no family there.”

The people who keep re-electing this man appear willing to look past this kind of cruel, heartless comment and see something they can vote for. I can’t help but wonder, though, if some of those people are, or are in families with, adopted members. Bob Marshall thinks they are in “families,” not families, and that they don’t have both their parents there. To someone in a family with an adopted member, that is a major rejection of what it means to be who that person is. That is a declaration that adoptees are parentless children. That is a claim of the most vicious sort.

That is a lot to look past.

Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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