It Ain’t Over…

But it’s getting pretty close. The Loudoun Hounds baseball stadium, originally planned for the Kincora development at the southwest corner of the intersection of Routes 7 and 28, then moved west to the One Loudoun site, may be going into the bottom of its ninth inning. The Loudoun County circuit court granted VIP Baseball’s lawyers’ request to be allowed to drop their client, which hasn’t been able to pay them in recent weeks. A corporation cannot represent itself in Virginia, so this may be the end. VIP has been in litigation with One Loudoun for some time. Trial is set for October. If VIP can’t find new counsel by then, or loses the case, then Yogi Berra’s famous tautology will be fulfilled: it will be over.

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3 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over…”

  1. A fitting end for an organization that thought it could buy its way with the county’s board of supervisors through donations into the five figures for the chair, Scott York ($25,819), and the then-vice chair, Janet Clarke ($12,000), and into the high end of four figures for Sean Williams ($7,750) and Ralph Buona ($7,000). When Bob Farren said, Jump!, Scott York said, How high? Between the Hounds and his constituents in the 55+ communities such as Potomac Green Sean Williams always came down on the side of the Hounds. Every member of the board of supervisors took Hounds money. For five thousand dollars Geary Higgins became an enthusiastic baseball fan. Delgaudio and Letouneau got four thousand each, Reid and Volpe “only” a thousand each. They all voted for whatever Hounds CEO and promoter Bob Farren asked for.

    Fortunately for the county four are not seeking re-election, including the two who shilled the most for the Hounds, York and Williams.

  2. Fetch was transparently bogus but fistfulls of cash can lend gravitas to even a teamless mascot, apparently. Let’s hope some supervisors learned a lesson from that episode.

  3. Regardless of whether those folks took donations, I think the stadium is an excellent idea and hope One Loudoun will still be able to get one there.

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