Democratic Fireworks Over Nominee for Sheriff

The Loudoun Times-Mirror has a story about Brian Allman, the Democrats’ nominee for sheriff, being asked to leave last night’s meeting of the county Democratic Committee, after making threatening remarks to one of the members. For a breath-taking look at the events, see John Flannery’s video (video) of some of Allman’s remarks:

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4 thoughts on “Democratic Fireworks Over Nominee for Sheriff”

  1. This is all about me offering defeated Republican Sheriff challenger Eric Noble the chief deputy’s position if I am elected Sheriff in November. For that, I am to be denied the right, or possibly, denied the right to join the 200 members of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee? Really?
    Seriously? This is a joke! I was a member of the Fairfax County Democratic Party before I moved to Loudoun but now that I live in Loudoun and didn’t ask permission from the LCDC if I can do anything, I am to be run out of

    I answer to no one now and I will not answer the the LCDC if I am elected Sheriff!

    All I did was offer a top notch cop a job if I am elected. I stand by my decision and frankly, I don’t give a damn what the LCDC thinks about this decision or any other decision I will make in the event I am elected. I am certainly not checking with them and just like now, I will not answer to them either!

    Clearly if one does not be a good little boy and kiss ass within the LCDC and ask permission and receive it before one makes a decision, you will be in big trouble! Well, no one told me that when I expressed an interest in running for Sheriff and had they told me that, I would have said; “thanks, but no thanks!”.

    As to what happens next month, I have no idea but the LCDC cashed my $35.00 membership check!

    Brian Allman
    Democratic Nominee for Loudoun County Sheriff.

  2. Brian, your explanation seems sound enough and, contrary to some others on the Web, I did not find your reaction to Mr. Noble’s loss all that earth-shaking. He appears by all accounts to be a decent and capable individual, and so why not say, “I would be proud to offer him a job”? That did not appear to be a quid pro quo, or anything unethical.

    At the same time, Mr. Noble needed to refuse the offer, on the basis of his profession – made quite explicitly – that the Republican tickets needs to be fully supported by Republican candidates. But as far as you making the offer, it seems like no harm no foul.

    Obviously, I have zero insight into what goes on within the Democratic committee, and I also can understand why members of that party might balk at such an overture to someone supporting the opposing ticket. Party politics can be a sticky business. I know on the Republican side of the aisle they take the borders very seriously, and such an offer in the opposite direction might have brought similar disfavor within the LCRC.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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