Plowman Speaks on Williams (Who Responds)

In articles appearing in the Times-Mirror and Leesburg Today, Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman spoke on Broad Run supervisor Shawn Williams’s past criminal charges:

While I acknowledge Supervisor Williams has capably and effectively served the citizens of the Broad Run community during his term, I cannot remain silent, condone or excuse his past conduct.

It’s a bit irregular for a prosecutor to comment on charges brought elsewhere, but certainly not improper.However, Williams (who has apologized for his past behavior, without ever actually admitting or denying any of the charges made) offered this response:

I am not surprised Mr. Plowman has chosen to exploit my past troubles for attempted political gain. He was the first and one of the very few to support Mr. King for Chairman, as they are close personal friends (‘hunting buddies’ as Plowman would say). Smearing my name as aggressively as has been done will not make Mr. King a better candidate for Chairman and the Loudoun community is smart enough to know this. Plowman is also part of the same click[sic] that is waging battle on Sherriff Chapman who has done a great job for Loudoun County. It is all very disappointing.

In politics, nothing hurts worse than to be attacked by your own side. This continues to be a sad state of affairs.


Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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