“Urgent Message of Truth!”

Janet Clarke2012Here’s the text from Loudoun’s Blue Ridge district supervisor Janet Clarke’s Facebook page:

Urgent message of truth! Folks, it has come to my attention that Supervisor Letourneau and Delegate Ramadan are misleading the community again regarding facts related to roads in my district. Please watch the following two videos regarding the Loudoun County Parkway and look on my County webpage for my prior newsletters that show the construction dates and County funding allocation as well! www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cmNhAPl228&feature=youtu.be, www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZNkPdZkmqU&feature=youtu.be. Cut and paste each link into your browser if you cannot open them from Facebook. I and the entire Board campaigned on making sure the LC parkway got completed and we have focused our attention on this missing road segment in my district. Apparently you cannot count on Ramadan and Letourneau to put out the facts and you should question why. Although we are going into an election year and I am not running for re-election, but certain others are. More information to come.

Not long ago, chairman Scott York was declaring his all-Republican government to be, “a board united.” Then reality occurred and that all fell apart. Now, with York looking at another independent run, and outgoing supervisor Janet Clarke pointing fingers, the united board that barely kept its promise to bring Metrorail to Loudoun (five-to-four, thanks to Ken Reid) is in a state of disarray.

Supervisor Letourneau and Delegate Ramadan are misleading the community again

Astonishingly, with Reid’s sometimes abrasive personal touch, Geary Higgins’s appalling attendance record, Clarke’s decision not to run, Suzanne Volpe’s support for Eugene Delgaudio, Letourneau’s conjoined politics with David “there should be no restrictions on guns” Ramadan, Ralph Buona’s insistence that he be allowed to vote in favor of applications brought by his biggest donors, and Eugene Delgaudio’s persistent decision to continue to be Eugene Delgaudio, the local Democrats have so far found only two candidates to run against this bunch (Tony Barney for Sterling, and Andy Resnick for Algonkian, with the open possibility that Al Nevarez will force a nominating contest with Barney, while seven other seats are still looking for challengers).

Rumors are everywhere, of course, including some about a challenger to York, but only an elected official really has a chance at taking the chair and, with no Democrats on the current board, there are precious few of those in Loudoun to turn to. Buona, Higgins, Delgaudio and Volpe should be vulnerable (Letourneau and Reid seem not to have made any major mistakes, and Shawn Williams is a clear shoo-in for re-election). Yet, with four vulnerable, one open, and two at least competitive seats, over a month into this election cycle, only two have declared challengers.

Clarke’s urgent message of truth, that she doesn’t trust some of her fellow Republicans, should be an urgent call to arms for the local Dems. If they heed it sometime in the next few weeks, or if someone steps up to run in some of the winnable district races, change may still be possible. If not… well, the fierce urgency of now isn’t much use, once it has been allowed to become the fraught urgency of too late.

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