Bill Bolling To America: You’re Welcome

Burger Bill Bolling
“Burger” Bill Bolling

Bill Bolling, chairman of the Victory’s Thousand Fathers Project, holds no elected office, slunk away from his last primary contest, refused to support the statewide party ticket and would be considered unwelcome by many Virginia Republicans were he to publicly self-identify with the GOP. But none of that stops Bolling from attempting to ride the crest of last week’s Republican wave.

Best known for a hamburger picnic, and banking on extremely short memories in the Commonwealth, Bolling held forth yesterday in the Times-Dispatch to say, in essence: “See, I told you.”

While Bolling’s argument – that Ed Gillespie’s close finish proves Virginia Republicans should nominate people more like Bolling – conveniently overlooks whatever lesson we might draw from Ken Cuccinelli’s similarly close finish, it’s safe to assume we haven’t heard the last from Bolling … whenever a newspaper has space to fill, or a Democrat needs to strike a “bipartisan” pose, or someone, somewhere, is running low on condiments.

Author: FirewallNOVA Right

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