All But Clarke Will Run Again for Loudoun BOS

In a virtual footnote, the Loudoun Times-Mirror reports that eight out of nine (all but Janet Clarke) members of the current Loudoun Board of Supervisors will run for re-election. This bit of news is buried in the middle of an article reporting that consideration of a pay raise for the next board has been dropped:

The current board first broached the issue over the summer. Since then, supervisors — all but one of whom are seeking re-election — have expectantly been assailed by the public for floating the idea.

Just for the drill, the “24%” raise that the supervisors have “been asssailed by the public” for proposing would have been the first increase in their pay in eight years. By the mathematics of compounding, that would have put their new salary at the same level it would have reached if it had been increased by 2.7% each year (but without the actual pay increase being included in their checks for each of those eight years, which makes the effective percentage even smaller).

Now, the next time this comes up, it will have to be the first increase in (at a minimum) twelve years, which would be the same as if they had increased the annual pay by only 1.8% (assuming the next board again considers a $10,000 jump). Rest assured, though, that the press will run the same headline:


And we will further diminish the candidate pool towards nothing but the wealthy, the retired, the unemployed, or the just plain crazy.

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2 thoughts on “All But Clarke Will Run Again for Loudoun BOS”

  1. Yes, you are right. The same thinking applies to Congress. People get overworked about Congressional pay. It’s not even executive pay at large corporations. It’s middle-management pay. For example, the CEO of Dominion Power is pulling down between $10 and $15 million each year. Members of Congress aren’t even at one quarter of a million. This country has a sound saying: “You get what you pay for.”

  2. Quite. (And notice that your saying was already one of the tags I assigned to this item.) It’s almost laughable that people are insulted by the idea of giving $50,000 to someone for the time, effort, and skill they are expected to bring to managing a county with a budget of over a billion dollars. Would they buy stock in a business that grossed a billion a year, and had its budget set by people paid that much?

    Instead of acting as shocked and disgusted by the idea as they do, I wish that even just a few of them would show as much disdain for paying football coaches at our state schools half-a-million dollars every year. But that never comes up, because, of course, you have to have a good football coach, while any old fool will do as a county supervisor.

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