The War on Women Words Continues

Making this a News Brief because, really, does anyone still care? Did anyone ever? If you do, Del. Barbara Comstock has weighed in with a letter of her own, responding to Sen. Chap Petersen’s letter, which followed Elizabeth Miller’s letter, which deconstructed Mike Turner’s letter, with everyone saying someone else was playing games with legislation.


Let FirewallNOVA clear this up for you: Comstock is running for Congress as a Republican at a time when Republicans are trying to court more of the women’s vote. She tried to put through some half-baked legislation that would make her look friendly to women, and the Democrats stopped her.

That is all.

Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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2 thoughts on “The War on Women Words Continues”

  1. Welcome to FirewallNOVA, Pariahdod.

    The whole thing is a bad joke, isn’t it? Comstock and her allies make a blatant play for some palm-card material so she can win Frank Wolf’s seat, and now she’s claiming the bad ol’ Demmycwats stole the credit. Except… her allies back in the house killed the exact same bill when it came to them under someone else’s name, so no one would get the credit for anything.

    Tell us all again, Barbara, how this was all about what’s good for women?

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