Hollingshead Declared Debate Winner By Conservative Blog

Stephen Hollingshead
Candidate for Republican nomination in 10th District contest, Stephen Hollingshead

Stephen Hollingshead, one of several Republicans battling for the party’s nomination to replace retiring Congressman Frank Wolf in November’s elections, was declated winner of last night’s GOP debate by conservative blog The Bull Elephant.

Even Comstock supporters said positive things about him, such as “I still support Barbara, but I really like that guy”. Other activists from Loudoun said “he’s just who we need”, “he’ll be a great candidate for us”, “he’s our future”. The response to him was overwhelmingly positive.

It’s always exciting when a truly new face emerges on the local political scene, so new in this case that he is still identified as “Stephen Hollingsworth” in the article’s headline. But name recognition doesn’t come about overnight.

Author: FirewallNOVA Right

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