Kenney: If these Republicans won’t behave, then we need to bring in better Republicans

Shaun Kenney
Shaun Kenney, executive director of the RPV
As divisions within the GOP deepen during a primary season that has been more contentious than most, Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Executive Director Shaun Kenney recently suggested some within the party need to shape up or ship out:

Speaking with The Fluvanna Review, Kenney said there are two ways to fix the problem when Republicans don’t get along:

… one is to act as adults and the other is to grow the pie. And if we can’t behave as adults we are damn sure going to make a bigger Republican party that can actually work together.

At first read, a cynic might be tempted to interpret the statement as inviting the Republicans who disagree with Shaun Kenney to be replaced by a better class of Republicans. In all fairness, however, the interview was likely given before the worst of the recent brouhaha erupted – and had he known what was to transpire, he might have taken a more humble tack.

Kenney also observed that “some of our own internal bickering gets in the way of the vision at times” which is a sentiment many in the GOP will likely be reflecting upon in the current environment.

Virginia Republicans interested in Kenney’s thoughts in light of the latest revelations regarding possible conflicts of interest and whether he really thinks a large segment of his party are bigots, are still waiting for that statement.

After Bristly First Week At RPV Helm, Kenney Must Shear Wooly Vestiges

Shaun Kenney
Shaun Kenney
Shaun Kenney’s brains and passion may be exactly what the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) needs right now, but after his first week as executive director it appears a shift toward the former ought to be among the next orders of business.

A check up from the beard up, so to speak.

A brilliant young man with a mien the size of Michoacan, Kenney nevertheless exhibits the cloistered mindset of a worldview fashioned within close circles and staid surroundings.

This came back to bite him in a big way throughout a tumultuous week in office that culminated this past Thursday with Kenney ducking an appearance on the Laura Ingraham radio show where he would have been asked to discuss some of his recent statements.

It all began with a puzzling email.

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Men of Bearing Drift Declare: “Hier Stehe Ich”

Under fire from the Can of Worms, Bearing Drift authors defiantly posted a series of theses yesterday to defend honor, blog and party.

Here I Stand

Brian Schoeneman, on what it means to be a Republican, a point-by-point elucidation of the “Republican Party of Virginia Creed” which, if we are not mistaken, was penned after the Athanasian, yet prior to Maureen McDonnell’s shopping list.

J.R. Hoeft, on what it means to be a Bearing Drift contributor, some background on the site’s impressive history and scope, from the founder.

Shaun Kenney, on what it means to be a conservative, the most ambitious essay of the three, tracing key tenets of modern conservativism through the history of Western thought. While overreaching in parts, overall, no papal bull.

Latest Blogola Controversy Shows Need For Transparency

Call it the St. Valentine’s Day Inferno. An argument and the threat of a lawsuit between prominent Virginia political bloggers Brian Schoeneman, Greg Letiecq, and Shaun Kenney, over who is getting paid to write about an historic primary battle, will likely open a discussion about how to balance political advocacy and the pretense – upheld by many blogs – of presenting objective news reporting.

The question must henceforth be asked: Is this a blog, or blogola?

Brian Schoeneman, Greg Letiecq, Shaun Kenney
Key players in the current blogola controversy (l-r): Brian Schoeneman of Bearing Drift, Greg Letiecq of Black Velvet Bruce Li, and Shaun Kenney, also of Bearing Drift.
Having arisen from the opportunity afforded by content management system Web technology, in part as a supplement or “antidote” to the ideologies of traditional media outlets, political blogs generally represent a cross pollination between political pamphleteering and news reporting. Many, probably most, Virginia blogs are unabashedly ideological, and most are blatantly partisan.

Which tends to be all fine and good, except during the primaries.

The present controversy began on Thursday when Brian finally told us what he really thinks about Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall.

Brian’s appraisal of Delegate Bob is harsh in the same sense St. John’s depiction of the beast is harsh. Brian wants him to leave the House of Delegates, to renounce his ways, and most certainly to bow out of the primary contest for the Republican nomination to replace 34-year Congressman Frank Wolf in the 10th district election in November.

Delegate Bob is one of approximately 47 others currently announced to challenge Barbara Comstock, Frank Wolf’s heir apparent, for the GOP nomination …. and therein lies the rub.

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