Is Still Dead Web site
The Web site of the anonymous email sender is still offline.

Having sent their last anonymous attack email to Virginia Republicans on July 17, 2014 – the 13th since first spamming their way into our hearts on January 12, 2014 – the consortium of unhappy RPV mainstreamers has been silent for months, and their newsletter Web service portal is no longer online.

Personally, I always figured this sad effort came from the Burgers With Bill wing, and they would thus have as long a run as his political future.

In any case they are gone, either ran out of people to attack or simply withered away, which is a sign of health in the Virginia GOP.

Corporate “Welfare” Among Issues Driving Anti-Cantor Upsurge

“Getting rid of corporate welfare” in the form of the Export-Import bank is one of several key issues on which conservative House Republicans are preparing to face off with Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va).

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