Real Clear Politics?

The popular Web site, Real Clear Politics, is not living up to its name. For months, it has listed the Foust/Comstock race for Virginia’s 10th CD as “Leans GOP.” Today, with two new polls out, they’ve moved “VA10” from their “Leans GOP” list to their “Toss Up” list:


Only, it’s not that… well, clear. If you click on that district map (the one color-coded as “Toss up”), you get this overview of the race:


That’s the same as it’s been for a long time, giving the race a “Leans GOP” ranking.

Hard to believe the two new polls gave RCP a reason to move the race one column to the left, as: a) both polls are partisan bull, and b) both polls put Comstock in the lead. Maybe it’s a Web-based typo of some kind, and RCP will move VA10 back to the right, but how does a typo like that happen? Could as well be that the map does reflect RCP’s new view, but that the page excerpted above, with the ranking, hasn’t been updated yet.

We’ll keep an eye on it for you.