2015 Democratic Line-Up Forming

At last week’s Loudoun County Democratic Committee meeting, Bob Moses misinformed the audience that people shouldn’t be declaring candidacies for 2015 this early because, among other things, you can’t even file all the papers yet. This must come as a shock to filed candidates like Don Shaw and Tony Barney, as well as to hold-over challengers planning to run again like Elizabeth Miller and Jennifer Boysko. He must have forgotten that, before taking Dick Black out of the House in 2005, David Poisson had filed in 2004. As anyone who has run knows, you have to file if you want to raise money, which you can legally start doing at any time. (Word has it that Mr. Moses was aiming his misguided words at one person in particular, whose candidacy he opposes. With nine BOS seats, nine school board seats, a bunch of house and senate seats, the constitutional officers, and The Soil and Water Conservation Director positions to worry about, you’d think Democrats would spend their energy recruiting candidates for the seats they don’t have anyone running for, but you’d only think that if you didn’t know that the Democrats’ most solemn commitment is that We Must Fight Amongst Ourselves.)

One seat coming up with an early promising challenger is the Algonkian BOS supervisor’s: Andrew Resnick, who managed David Poisson’s successful challenge race in 2005 is said to be running. Suzanne Volpe hasn’t made any friends with her, “Now I’m gonna tell ya how it is!” political style, and she may have boxed herself in by voting against sanctions for Eugene Delgaudio (costing her what little cooperation Scott York might have offered) and then voting against restoration of Delgaudio’s office budget (costing her the Delgaudio faction). LCRC has, at times, been defined by the York/Delgaudio schism. Who knows? Maybe there’s a York/Delgaudio/Volpe schism? (Would that be a trism? Actually, let’s not go there…) In any case, Resnick is smart, experienced, and running against one of the least liked incumbents. Watch this one.