Loudoun Dems Filling Out Their BOS Slate

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee has issued a call to caucus for the Blue Ridge and Dulles magisterial district seats on the county board of supervisors. This most likely signals that they have at least one candidate in each of those districts who is seeking the Democratic nomination. (We actually know who that is in Dulles, but, as a past Dulles supervisor, I’ll let a future Dulles supervisor choose their own way of making the announcement.)

This is great news for county Democrats and independents who want to see more diversity of thought (or, in some cases, just thought itself) on the board. However, in Blue Ridge, it creates a problem for anyone who leans left of center: Richard Jimmerson’s independent candidacy there has already created an alternative to those who don’t want to vote for the Republican nominee, Tony Buffington. Unless Jimmerson himself can secure the Democratic nomination, and if he stays in the race, he and the Democratic nominee will probably split the non-Republican vote, giving a big advantage to Mr. Buffington.

So far, the only district race to produce a contest was Sterling. All others had their caucuses canceled when only one candidate emerged. That could well happen again, which means we will know who the nominees are after the filing deadline, May 27, 5:00 p.m. If there is more than one candidate in a race, the caucus itself will choose the Democrats’ nominee on the evening of June 4. Note that the call is to an assembled caucus, which is similar to a convention (but for which there will be no elected delegates, an any Democrat eligible to vote in the subsequent general election is eligible to vote in the caucus [DISCLAIMER: the foregoing is my own reading of the governing rules; historically, what I think the rules say and what has actually happened have not always matched]).

Regardless of whom they choose, a full slate is a boost to the Democratic brand. Anything less suggests their recruiting efforts and/or the general support for Democrats in the county is too weak to have a candidate in every race. But who runs matters just as much, so we’ll have to wait and see if this the move forward for the Democrats that it ought to be.