Icy Driving Conditions Expected to Continue

Because of the continued low temperatures, many road surfaces may remain frozen until Thursday
Because of the continued low temperatures, many road surfaces may remain frozen until Thursday

Loudoun County residents continue to feel the repercussions of the snow that blanketed the area yesterday. While the treatment of the roads caused some of the snow to melt, the low temperatures are refreezing the roads. This is expected to happen for the next few days as the temperatures will remain below freezing.

County officials remind residents that it will take time to clear all the icy roads and that, although no more snow is expected, conditions will be hazardous. The roads will be dangerous because the snow’s consistency is more like ice than powder. To be safe driving in these hazardous conditions, motorists should:

  • Use extreme caution when driving. You may not be able to stop as quickly as normal on the snow-covered or icy pavement.
  • Pay attention. Don’t try to out-drive the conditions. Remember the posted speed limits are for dry pavement.
  • Leave room for maintenance vehicles and plows

Delgaudio: Caught Between Sharia and Charybdis (Part 2 in series)

Did Delgaudio’s friendliness with the Muslim community heighten animosities against him?

A thus far unmentioned aspect of the sticky situation Sterling Supervisor Delgaudio has found himself in (or, brought upon himself, depending on one’s point of view) relates to the timing of the precipitating events.

In the run up to the 2011 elections, Delgaudio had two nemeses: pro-LGBT and anti-Sharia.

The first was a given. As noted in Part 1 of this series, as long as he holds public office, Delgaudio can expect constant rough sledding because of his decades-old job as chief executive of the Public Advocate organization.

But in a strange turn of events, Delgaudio managed to tick off a segment of what might have been considered his base because of his refusal to join the “no Sharia” campaign against candidate David Ramadan.

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Delgaudio Subpoenas SPLC

Eugene Delgaudio’s attorney is attempting use a subpoena to obtain records from the Southern Poverty Law Center that document their decision to name Delgaudio’s operation, the “Public Advocate of the United States,” a hate group. Read Delgaudio’s press release at, among others (and also others), ChristianNewsWire (a for-hire online service).

This is a questionable move as it risks documenting precisely one of the bases upon which the petitioners seeking Delgaudio’s removal claim he is unfit to remain in office. SPLC may seek to resist the subpoena, but if they don’t (or if that resistance is not successful), Delgaudio may be in for a whole new round of embarrassing revelations.

DCCC Picks John Foust

Fairfax county supervisor John FoustAlthough he doesn’t even have the nomination yet, candidate John Foust has been named, personally, as a “Red to Blue” candidate to win Virginia’s 10th Congressional District in November by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (“DCCC,” or “dee-trip,” as it is known). This is a big deal because DCCC also sometimes names individual districts as Red-to-Blue districts, without backing any candidate in particular. For Foust to gain this support before the caucuses (to be held later this month) that choose the delegates to the Democrats’ nominating convention (yes, it is confusing) means they already have a preference, and it’s Foust.

The other contender, Richard Bolger, is clearly a smart, decent fellow who has every right to seek the nomination for himself. But he also has the right to pick another time to enter politics. His party has a lot of ground to make up in the House of Representatives. DCCC is obviously trying to send him a signal, and it is one he should receive. The smart, decent thing for Mr. Bolger to do now is step aside, endorse John Foust, and be a team player for his party. That would only help him in a future quest for nomination, whereas digging in and forcing a convention would only make him look stubborn and self-serving.

Local Dems should make Bolger’s choices clear to him, and let him know they remember their friends.

NFL to Add 15yd Penalty for Epithets

In a move too endearing to this bleeding-heart lefty’s love for all things politically correct to be ignored, the National Football League is moving towards adoption of a rule that will impose penalties for the use of racial slurs and epithets by players on the field during games. Specifically, over-the-line trash-talk will, if the rule is adopted, cost your team fifteen yards.

What’s the northern Virginia angle to this?


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And Then There Were Two…

Sam Kubba has dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination to succeed Frank Wolf. That leaves Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust and Fairfax attorney Richard Bolger still contending. The smart money’s on Foust, but the Democratic 10th Congressional District Committee has chosen a byzantine nominating process (involving a two-week election period during which you get to vote for some number of Delegates, some other number of Alternates, which you can do by slate or on an individual basis, who then go on to a convention during which the committed Delegates are bound to vote for their candidate on the first round only, unless that candidate has dropped out, and then, well… you can read all five single-spaced pages of rules for this process on your own time).

Seems like a lot of trouble to go to, but there are only just so many ways to choose a nominee and you do want the process to be fair. On the other hand, if you are a political party, you also want the process to choose the candidate most likely to win in the general election. However, parties and candidates are not one-in-the-same. Parties want their candidates to win, but candidates want themselves to win. Messrs. Kubba and Bolger were, as far as anyone seems to know, politically unknown before announcing they would run for Frank Wolf’s seat. Now, at the time, Wolf was widely expected to run again, and the practice of running political unknowns for seats you can’t win is fairly well established, so no one really cared who they were. Supervisor Foust’s entry into the race, combined with Wolf’s retirement, changes all that, because of one simple fact: Foust could win in November. So why is Bolger running? Could he win? Theoretically, anyone can win. But, realistically, his chances seem very slight compared to Foust’s. Then again, both men are from Fairfax, while the single most populous jurisdiction in the district is Loudoun county. This could be an issue if the Republicans choose a candidate with any Loudoun ties name-recognition. At the moment, it’s hard to say who that Republican will be, as the list of contenders is pretty long:

  • Barbara Comstock
  • Bob Marshall
  • Richard Shickle
  • Stephen Hollingshead
  • Marc Savitt
  • Rob Wasinger
  • Brent Anderson
  • Donald Duck

Okay, one of those hasn’t yet declared, but the top two are the most likely to include the actual nominee, and both have established support in Loudoun county. Both will appeal to voters outside of Loudoun and not in Fairfax. Either Foust or Bolger (and it is going to be Foust) will take Fairfax (readily, if Marshall wins, but with a bit of a fight if Comstock wins). The hinterlands of the district will go to the Republican. Which brings the battle home to Loudoun, where almost all of the interesting political battles in Virginia seem to be happening these days.

Both parties will choose their nominees on April 26. On April 27, if you live in Loudoun county, draw the shades and lock your doors, because it’s going to be heck outside.

Loudoun Health Council Seeking Exhibitors

Loudoun Health For Life Day will be Saturday, May 10, 2014, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Gum Spring Library, 24600 Millstream Drive in the Stone Ridge community.
Loudoun Health For Life Day will be Saturday, May 10, 2014, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Gum Spring Library, 24600 Millstream Drive in the Stone Ridge community.
The Loudoun Health Council is seeking potential vendors for its “Health For Life” day, which will be held Saturday, May 10, 2014 at Gum Spring Library in Stone Ridge.

Exhibit space is free, but all displays or presentations must be focused on one of the following subject areas:

  • Lyme disease
  • preventive healthcare
  • a fitness activity
  • healthy cooking
  • nutrition

In order to participate, vendors must register online. Registration will be open through March 31, 2014. Click here for more information.

DC Post Office Problems

Washington DC Post Office

Whether because of mismanagement or ineffective workers, mail is not getting delivered reliably in areas served by the Friendship Station in Washington, DC.

ABC7 reports that postal workers are being instructed to clock out at a specific time – such as 5:30 pm or even 4:30 pm – whether the day’s deliveries are completed or not. As a result, mail is piling up, or getting left at the wrong addresses, and can deliver many days later than expected.

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Beyer Opens Campaign with Photo Full of Women

Don Beyer and women
Don Beyer (man) served as Virginia’s lt. governor in the 1990s
Former Virginia Lt. Governor Don Beyer announced to a frame packed with women his intention to run for the U.S. Congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Jim Moran. The primary election will be held on June 10.

Men of Bearing Drift Declare: “Hier Stehe Ich”

Under fire from the Can of Worms, Bearing Drift authors defiantly posted a series of theses yesterday to defend honor, blog and party.

Here I Stand

Brian Schoeneman, on what it means to be a Republican, a point-by-point elucidation of the “Republican Party of Virginia Creed” which, if we are not mistaken, was penned after the Athanasian, yet prior to Maureen McDonnell’s shopping list.

J.R. Hoeft, on what it means to be a Bearing Drift contributor, some background on the site’s impressive history and scope, from the founder.

Shaun Kenney, on what it means to be a conservative, the most ambitious essay of the three, tracing key tenets of modern conservativism through the history of Western thought. While overreaching in parts, overall, no papal bull.

Tis the Season

Financial reports came out yesterday for members of the General Assembly. Considering the grief experienced by Bob McDonnell arising from gifts, the reports are a bit surprising. Compared to 2010, when Bob took office, the gifts reported for his last year (the one with all the trouble) did not consistently trend one way or the other. For a few of our NoVa legislators, here are the totals:

2013 2010
Greason 2872 9858
Comstock 2149 3057
Ramadan 1155 0
Minchew 863 0
Favola 5434 8207
LeMunyon 1963 521
Plum 2479 6497
Rust 6232 3283
Surovell 1373 103
Vogel 576 298

Some took more, some took less. Maybe the 2014 reports will be more telling, as the governor’s real troubles came to light roughly mid-year. The details of what’s in those 2013 totals are below the fold. Continue reading “Tis the Season”