Pentagon Papers Senator: “Constitutional Responsibility” Requires Congress Release FISA Memo

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It’s getting hot in Washington DC today.

A document summarizing activities of the Obama administration which allegedly included proffering false information to a federal court in order to obtain clearance to use data collected from illegal surveillance of President Trump was cleared for release last night by the House Intelligence Committee.

Former Democratic Senator Mike Gravel, who entered the then-classified “Pentagon Papers” into the Congressional Record in 1971, says that House Republicans should not shrink from releasing the document, called the “FISA memo” after the court where the Obama Department of Justice submitted the allegedly fabricated evidence.

According to Gravel:

Republicans on the committee would demonstrate “the height of cowardice” if they abandon efforts to release the memo after voting to do so Monday evening.

Gravel said lawmakers should be willing to unilaterally release classified documents if they feel it’s in the public interest, as he did with the secret Vietnam War study.

“The criteria for releasing anything is this: Is this something the people should know? If the Republicans feel this should be made public for the benefit of their constituents, fine, release it. The Democrats should do the same. But there is no argument to be made this stuff is secret and it’s too important for the people to know,” Gravel said after the committee voted along party lines for release….

“All this brouhaha between the executive and the legislative is ridiculous. It’s all because these people don’t understand their responsibility under the Constitution’s Speech or Debate Clause,” Gravel said. “There is no legal risk on their part for releasing information they feel the public should know. No risk. Period.”

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