Manichaeism Part Deux: Finding Allies

Picking up from the last post, let’s explore the hypothetical, fixing-the-corrupt-status-quo scenario a little further.

We realize that at certain levels, or certain extents, evil cannot be tolerated. Like a rotten fish in the refrigerator, it has to be removed, possibly amid a much broader cleaning operation. If you don’t do the hard thing and get it out of there and scrub down all the stuff that has absorbed the stink, you would need a new fridge. As it stands, you may have to pull out a drawer and clean that thing with bleach or even just toss it, if the bad fish had been sitting in there for too long.

You’re also going to need agreement of everyone who uses it to prepare for some disruption. Access may be limited briefly. Other items will probably be swept up in the process. Some of those familiar presences will disappear. Your chocolate syrup? Sorry, it absorbed the fish smell. Ten other condiments also went to the trash. Every perishable item not hermetically sealed, also, is gone.

On the scale of a government afflicted by rot, the cleanup would not be possible alone but would require certain critical people to help. A few underlings likely would be better off just leaving quietly rather than exposing themselves to the risk of whistleblowing, if they suspected their superiors were part of the problem. In certain parts of government, I hear, whistleblowing is hazardous to one’s health. No, prospective white knights would need big time allies. In particular, they would need an ally right at the top, ideally.

Then they would need to sell that hypothetical white hat/white knight ally on the righteousness of the cause. They would need to first find someone who could be swayed with the “argument from righteousness” and then they would need to lay out that argument for them. If the enemy were evil, the evil would need to be laid bare by those who knew, to try to get the ally to join in.

If the truth were terrible enough, some people likely would rather not know, because to know and to do nothing would be devastating for one’s conscience, yet to know and act would require resolve that few people could muster in today’s world where the highest good is often just to go along and allow everyone to enjoy themselves.

That person would need to be informed of the enormity of the task in advance, in order to brace themselves and their loved ones for what was to come. A long-term dive into the alligator swamp is probably nobody’s first life choice. That prospective white knight ally at the top might need to be someone from so far outside that while being clean, they would also be isolated—coming into a world where nobody usually does very well in isolation. Who would voluntarily submit themselves to that?

What if there were even a history of sorts, of people trying to clean up the evil within the institutions and then getting devoured by the alligators as thanks for their trouble? Who would say, “Sure, I’d like to give that a go!”

No, getting someone to come in and help clean the rot from government would be extremely difficult, and not only because the government tends to provide the means of self-perpetuation for those who want to keep their posts, even those who must be elected. Politics allows for the rewarding of friends. The hypothetical white knight would need to have certain personal qualities and an understanding of the political system.

And, at some point, that person would need to be able to look around and see where their own possible allies might later be found. Allies would be hard to come by and valuable once vetted. The allies would themselves need intelligence enough to see through the blizzard of misinformation that surely would be emitted by the evil factions to discredit anyone trying to expose all the wrong that had been done. Such allies would need to be fearless, actually, because they would be drawn into a fight that many of their predecessors, men and women of renown, had shrunk from.

Watching the allies come on board would be one of the more interesting aspects of the entire long series of events.

Author: FirewallNOVA Guy

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