Questions Before The Elections: Loudoun Democrats At Odds In Sterling

Eugene Delgaudio Sterling Boulevard
Eugene Delgaudio’s campaign won the Sterling “sign wars” and may be about to win an historic fifth term in office.

Every four years, Loudoun County Democrats try to defeat Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, a Republican, and every four years for the last sixteen they’ve managed to fail despite massive pre-election bluster and fulminations. This year, a rumor has been circulating in Sterling that the Democrats are not entirely united behind Delgaudio’s opponent, Koran Saines – which raises the question, yet again: Are the Democrats really intent on removing Delgaudio?

That question took on new salience in Sterling the night before last, in a mass email from one of our most well-known local Democrats, a self-identified “longtime Sterling District community and political advocate,” who stated:

Ethics, accountability, community loyalty, and leadership qualities are what I look for in our political leaders. With that said, I strongly support and endorse the eleven (11) candidates below…

The endorsements included many local Democrat office seekers – Randall, Umstattd, Ohneiser, Boysko, Liz Miller, Bell, Murphy, Wexton, Favola – and two running for the non-political offices, Flannery and Sheridan.

Missing was any endorsement in the Sterling District, certainly a significant omission on this person’s list, in the same sense that a missing roof would be a significant omission on a new home.

There was, however, this “note” in small print beneath the letter, “I also encourage you to vote against the current Sterling District Supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio.”

The loyal Democrat felt compelled to state opposition to Delgaudio, without quite being able to identify Delgaudio’s opponent by name. (Which would leave open the option of Sterling Democrats casting a write-in vote).

I don’t know what the problem is with Koran Saines: Having met him, I find him to be an intelligent fellow, not as ideological as you’d expect from a Democrat, and running a decent, albeit quiet, campaign. There has been the traditional dust-up between campaigns over “sign wars,” with Delgaudio claiming on social media that Saines’ campaign is stealing Delgaudio’s campaign signs – although riding around Sterling, one gets the impression Delgaudio has won the sign wars once again.

But whatever is going on on the Democrat side, if there are hard feelings – if Koran Saines or his campaign have appeared untrustworthy or lacking in “ethics, accountability, community loyalty, and leadership qualities” – the Democrats are going to have a tough time defeating a savvy and tireless campaigner like Delgaudio. The Republican seems to thrive on retail politics and will have made an extraordinary amount of personal, direct contact with voters by the time the polls open on Tuesday.

I speculated years ago that if Loudoun County Democrats did not have Eugene Delgaudio, they would have to invent him, because they get so much traction from his statements …. his statements outside the boardroom, that is. His day job as a nationally-known conservative activist is what gets all the attention from his partisan opponents. That Delgaudio makes great fodder for media grandstanding and fundraising letters. His voting record, however, is what you would expect from a Republican: not particularly radical, nor surprising. As an office holder, Delgaudio is a known quantity who everyone admits does care about Sterling and works hard for the district.

And maybe some Democrats are deciding, as many Sterling voters have done for 16 years, that the Delgaudio they know is preferable to a candidate they are not sure about.

Author: FirewallNOVA Right

While my goal is simply to report the truth, the truth tends to have a rightward slant.

12 thoughts on “Questions Before The Elections: Loudoun Democrats At Odds In Sterling”

  1. Yea, I got that email from the self-identified community leader — I thought it was literally the strangest thing I’d ever seen. It was just … weird. I don’t know who he’s leading, but it’s not me, and it’s not the other bunches and bunches of Sterling Democrats I come into contact with every single day. We are incredibly united behind our candidate Koran Saines — the fact that this other guy is still harboring his cry-baby attitude towards a clean, well fought primary is just, well I’ll say it again — weird. — Joan Kowalski, LCDC Sterling Democrats Chairman

  2. Eugene Delguadio and his smear campaign will not work this time in Sterling.
    Delguadio does not fight for Sterling. The new library is going in Sterling Park Shopping Center right between a Bar and the Dollar store. He calls Sterling a cesspool? I thought He was our champion. He is not. He does not like Metro coming to Northern Virginia. he is against full day kindergarten.
    Eugene is a clown that likes to be supervisor. He goes to the schools and gives out his home number. He Says “Call me if you need Anything” . How about funding. Eugene votes against every school funding. He does his stupid “No Tax Pledge” Our taxes are being spent in Leesburg and Ashburn. When you do not fight for Sterling we get a library in a strip mall.

  3. There is no doubt the core group of anti-Delgaudio activists is out in force again this year, and I do think it goes beyond the LCDC. But if the past is any guide, Eugene is going to get a lot of split ticket votes – the district has voted convincingly for Obama, Herring, McAuliffe, Kaine and Warner, as you know. If the Democrats are not out working with full manpower, it could be as big a clobbering as they took with poor Al Nevarez four years ago. Koran is a much better candidate, but if you recall the base was awfully fired up in 2011, maybe even more so than this year because in 2011 there was a lot of national attention and focus on the race in Sterling.

    1. Without going into all the boring details, Koran’s campaign is a lot different from the dem campaigns of previous years — you might not be able to make these comparisons (which I’ve heard year after year) — c’mon Firewall, say it with me: this one feels different.

  4. When a so called longtime Sterling District community and political advocate or anyone who refuses to be identified by name then I don’t think much of such a person. Regardless, as a second time candidate for Sterling Supervisor for the Democratic Primary, I have never seen the democrats more united. This year was about double the democratic voters when compared to last election in 2011!

    Keep in mind there is no independent candidate this time around to take away from the democratic votes. Also Delgaudio was promoting anti Muslim video’s on his Public Advocate website (videos that depicted numbers 666 as associated with the devil and saying Allah is the devil. For this I am campaigning all Muslims to vote against Delgaudio and asking them to vote for Koran Sains as our next supervisor.

    We do not need someone like Delgaudio who hates gays, hispanics (referred to them as cesspool), muslims and other minorities including TSA agents! The grand jury investigated him because he instructed his staff member to collect money for his campaign during working hours when she should have been working for us the taxpayers. Delgaudio has disgraced himself so much that his own colleagues (all republican supervisors) dismissed him of all his committee assignments!

    1. @Steve Hall, You summed it up perfectly. When you vote for ED, you vote for a library in a strip mall and near a bar. Thanks, ED!

      Contrast that with a vote for Koran Saines, he believes in opportunity and believes in out future.
      Koran Saines is
      FOR, Revitalizing Sterling Economy and local businesses/Against Density Packing
      FOR, Revitalizing local commercial real estate to attract new businesses and retain current businesses.
      FOR, Partnering with the zoning board: involvement with our community to better address constituents needs/Against meals tax.
      FOR, Families, citizens, businesses, schools, property owners, firefighters, law enforcement and taxpayers of Sterling.
      FOR, Our community’s bright future/Against the same old dog and pony show for the last 16 years.
      I am FOR Koran Saines: father, taxpayer, community member, property owner, community leader and citizen.
      Vote to create the safe “live, work, play” community that we all desire!

  5. I would not give much credence to the community advocate’s endorsements. However he is entitled to his opinion.

    That said, Koran Saines has been the hardest working candidate for supervisor that has ever run against Delgaudio. That would include my own campaign against Delgaudio in 2007. He is tireless when speaking to the people of Sterling–and he listens. He has some very good ideas to benefit Sterling. Contrary to our current Supervisor, Delgaudio, he actually likes Sterling and would never consider calling this community, my home, a cesspool or a slum. Delgaudio had no problem using those words to describe Sterling and continues to use those hurtful descriptions to this day. If he truly believes that, then what has he done in his 16 years in office to better Sterling? Nothing. He once told me that I was jealous that he was trying to help Sterling after he called this neighborhood a cesspool. How can such vile name calling possibly be helpful?

    Sterling has always been the step child of Loudoun Co. and does not have the high quality resources and libraries of other parts of Loudoun. Why is that you ask? It is because Eugene Delgaudio votes against improvements and services and has never pushed to get Sterling the resources we deserve. The library expansion has been in the capital improvement plan since 2006. Delgaudio should have been pushing to get the project going years ago.

    Do not support Delgaudio, he is bad for our community. His political campaign mailers are viscous and full of lies. Every candidate that has ever run against him is accused, by him of favoring “density packing”, high taxes, and an illegal immigrant site in Sterling. These are all lies. They were lies when he used the claim against Doug Reimel in 2003, lies when he used them against me in 2007, lies when he used them against Al Nevarez in 2011, and they are still lies when Delgaudio uses them against Koran Saines.

    Do Sterling a favor, vote for Koran Saines. He will work hard for Sterling, for all of our diverse citizenry. With Koran Saines, Sterling will FINALLY have a chance to get the resources and support we need and to be a better community

  6. Everyone needs to stay behind him now, too. Koran is part of a small minority of Dems on this next board, and Eugene has already said he’s considering a rematch. Don’t leave the hero of Loudoun county to fight for the next four years on his own!

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