New Poll: Hillary Running Behind Republicans In Battleground States

A new poll by Vox Populi Polling in the six battleground states most likely to determine the 2016 presidential election show that Hillary Clinton trails a generic Republican candidate by 1 percentage point overall.

The 46–47 showing for the former secretary of state is a departure from nearly every poll since March that asked voters to choose between Clinton and a specific GOP candidate.

Read the full story at Daily Mail.

Author: FirewallNOVA Right

While my goal is simply to report the truth, the truth tends to have a rightward slant.

3 thoughts on “New Poll: Hillary Running Behind Republicans In Battleground States”

  1. Example question from the poll:

    “Public and private universities have paid as much as $3 million in speaking fees for Hillary Clinton at a time when tuition costs are increasing. Do you approve or disapprove of Hillary Clinton collecting massive fees from universities while many students accumulate large student loan debts?”

  2. It’s Mary Cheney’s company so one would expect the questions to address a certain segment of facts. On the other hand, I thought Daily Mail’s screaming headline made it worth lining on a slow news day.

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