Hon. Peter Rush Challenges Minchew

Peter Rush, who has served two terms in the low-profile elected position of Soil and Water Conservation Director, is the Democratic nominee for House District 10. He challenges incumbent delegate Randy Minchew, a past president of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. I’ve known Peter for quite a while, having served in elected office with him during his first term. He’s smart, informed, level-headed, and passionate about his beliefs.


My old Langley High School classmate, Randy Minchew, is a successful land-use lawyer with a compelling opposition to taxes. People should remember that he dislikes tax money so much that he opposed letting Virginians get their own taxes back when he joined the rest of the LaRock Republican caucus to prevent Medicaid expansion. Personally, I think there’s more to good representation than being against something, especially something good. You also have to stand for something. Peter can speak for himself about what he’s for in the coming months.

We already know some of what Randy Minchew stands for.


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2 thoughts on “Hon. Peter Rush Challenges Minchew”

  1. Interesting choice of graphic…. Up until a couple months ago I would have argued the Delgaudio connection would be a plus, but after the sheriff primary campaign I think the Delgaudio brand has suffered on the Republican side. Actually quite a few Loudoun Republicans stuck their necks out to put the hammer on Mike Chapman. The whole “No Indy” pledge BS was, I think, aimed at pushing Chapman out of office.

    Not that people who were planning to vote for Minchew would change their minds, but whereas before I would have proposed the Delgaudio sign around his neck would have helped him with Republican voters to offset some of those non-Republicans he might lose, now I don’t know. From social media I am seeing Eugene viewed less as a party leader and more as a faction leader.

  2. Heh. It’s not supposed to be around Randy’s neck; it’s just a larger picture of one of the stickers people (including him) were wearing at an event.

    Eugene affects people in a variety of ways, but he and Randy don’t quite broadcast their appeals to the same sections of the electoral spectrum. Moderates who wouldn’t vote for the former will vote for the latter. They ought to know whose banner he’s willing to carry.

    Of course, if Randy ever feels the need to strengthen his core conservative base, he can always just arrange for a picture of the two of them sharing a hug. That always works. For a while…

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