Bob Marshall. Yes. Again.

On the heels of his statement that adopted children are not members of real families, Bob Marshall has this to say about the American Civil War:

If the Supreme Court twists the Fourteenth Amendment, enacted after the shedding of blood of over a half a million Americans for equal rights for black Americans, into a mandate for same-sex “marriage,” the decision must be challenged immediately and effectively.

About 620,000 people died as a result of the Civil War, roughly 160,000 from the North, about 460,000 from the South. One can only wonder, particularly given recent events, how those who lay claim to Southern heritage feel about the suggestion that a near half-million Southerners died, “for equal rights for black Americans.” Indeed, one can only marvel at Bob Marshall’s blindness to the fact that black Americans today might also have some feelings about that claim.

Bob Marshall is the biggest embarrassment in Virginia Republican politics today.

Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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