John Bell Replaces Jack Tiwari in 87th

In a surprise announcement, John Bell is taking over from Jack Tiwari as the Democratic nominee to fill the 87th district seat vacated by David “There Should Be No Restrictions on Guns” Ramadan.

John is a formidable and experienced candidate who came within less than 200 votes (187, to be exact) of unseating Mr. Ramadan two years ago. No word yet on who the Republicans might run, but this announcement is pretty sure to discourage those potential conservative candidates who have been watching area politics for the last few years from entering the race.

Go, John!

Maj. John Bell, USAF (Ret.)
Maj. John Bell, USAF (Ret.)

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3 thoughts on “John Bell Replaces Jack Tiwari in 87th”

  1. I believe Jack Tiwari would have been, and someday will be, a fine candidate. He didn’t have to just step aside. But, doing so in favor of an experienced candidate like John, whose track record in that district makes him the best choice, was a gracious act. The party owes him for this.

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