First Convention Report – Sheriff Speeches

The convention speeches began at 10:15 am, which is pretty impressive. The check in process went extremely smoothly and no time was wasted getting the meeting started.

Here is a cursory overview of the sheriff speeches.

Noble was more subdued than in previous times I have heard him speak.

New focus was on comprehensive traffic safety plan – actually most of the speech was about the fact that traffic danger is a major concern, and it means a lot to him to solve it.

Yes the survey said we feel happy with public safety, we also care about traffic, and the LCSO has no current safety plan.

I have dealt with traffic accidents firsthand, and if my plan saves only one life it will be worth it.

We feel safe, but that is not because of the sheriff, but the men and women of the LCSO.

Chapman (much more energetic, and was so rapid fire I could barely take notes.)

Note accomplishments of the agency, from moving it forward technologically and successful partnerships.

Opponent says we should focus on street level work, but it would have taken thousands of street arrests to get results of the recent busts.

Integrity is the hallmark of my administration. My opponent wants more arrests and to scare us about Metro which will not be here until 2020. I want to move us forward not backward.

MY TAKE – both did well, likely neither a game changer but Chapman reversed the dynamic from the April 13 debate. Now, I think the winner will be who turned out the delegates because I don’t see many changing their intention.

My wife just noted there are a TON of Ashburn delegates (for the contested supervisor race) and for those who had not already made up their mind on the sheriff race, Mike Chapman might have helped himself. Besides being more lively, his content was more substantial.

But again, if you came here to vote for Noble, you probably would not have changed your mind.

UPDATE: We are in the time-to-kill part of the meeting, as each district goes to vote, and board chairman candidate Charlie King said one of his themes will be “Keep Loudoun Little.” Here’s hoping there is a way to shrink the school budget, unless the goal is to keep everything else little, besides the billion dollar school system.

UPDATE II: I am told he said Keep Loudoun Livable. Well from the back of the room, that’s not what it sounded like. It makes more sense…. but let this be a lesson on the importance of enunciation. Charlie should get some tips on that from Matt Letourneau.

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3 thoughts on “First Convention Report – Sheriff Speeches”

  1. “Charlie King said one of his themes will be ‘Keep Loudoun Little.’ ”

    He may be thinking strategically. Loudoun is getting dense. Density correlates with Democratic election victories. Best way to keep Loudoun from trending left would be to stop the population growth. Wonder how that’s going to go over with the Republican-friendly donors who make their money by building houses?

  2. King’s main points seemed to be about the Metro Authority and the Airport Authority and some expansions being made there … he said they have advantages in that somehow they won’t be paying the same taxes as other Loudoun businesses and so taxpayers will be bearing the burdens while they will be reaping the benefits.

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