A Few Questions from Bob Marshall

Here they are, from today’s request for money:

  • Do you think refusing to expand Medicaid is immoral when it will require massive future tax hikes on hard working families?
  • Do you think civil and religious leaders were wrong for millenia about the definition of marriage, which remained unchanged until the Netherlands became the first country in history to legalize so called same sex marriage in 2001?
  • Do you think President Ronald Reagan was a radical because he believed children before birth were entitled to civil rights protections?

BobMarshallWell, let’s take ’em in order, shall we?

  1. Ignoring the tired lie that Medicaid expansion will lead to “massive” tax hikes (what’s the mass of a tax hike, anyway?), Bob is asking me which I would rather sacrifice: my neighbor’s money or my neighbor’s life? I don’t presume to speak for others, but I think I know what my neighbor’s preference would be. Bob, of course, thinks that when the question is, “your money or your life,” that’s the same as “your money or someone else’s life.” Recalling that one definition of a Republican is, “someone who will do everything for a person before it is born, and nothing for it after that,” I guess putting money ahead of life might make some sense to him. To me, it’s just cruel, but I’m soft that way.
  2. Hey, 1,000,000 Irish Roman Catholics think so.
  3. No, I think he was a fine actor, playing a part.

What do I win?

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