A Beautiful Day For A Convention!

As I sit outside Stone Bridge High School, waiting for the doors to be unlocked so I can get a really good seat for the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) convention, here are a few early morning thoughts. (There is also a contest for Ashburn supervisor, but I am in the dark about that. If Internet works inside the school, I plan to post more updates throughout the day).

The Sheriff’s Race Will Come Down To Turnout, Most Likely

The Noble campaign has been extremely confident, to the point of boisterousness, that they have the most delegates signed up, and that they have been contacting them all.

I don’t know. In the past couple days we have seen what I interpret as desperation from the Noble people. But it is all about who makes good on their commitment …. whose delegates are going to wake up, and decide to get themselves to this high school in the next hour and a half.

And It Also Comes Down To Trust

If you are voting today, and are not totally beholden to either candidate for sheriff, your decision probably comes down to which of the two you trust. They each have their pluses and negatives.

Mike Chapman has a good record to run on, which often is all you need. But Eric Noble brings up problems that are likely not evident to most of the public and most of those voting today.

Still deciding? Well you can read all of our coverage here, for a start.

And, Finally, It May Come Down To Speeches

For most of the convention crowd, this will be the first time hearing the two sheriff candidates from the same stage. Who will make the better case for themselves, and who will answer the lingering questions?

They May Be Deputies, But This Ain’t Mayberry

One of the things that stood out to me while investigating the whole “sock puppet” imbroglio, is what seemed to be a lot of sheriff’s deputies online, angry about work.

What cannot be immediately discerned is how many actual irate deputies there are, that being the land of puppets where nobody uses their names. From reading all the comments, I thought there was actually a very small number of deputies on there, because they all sounded a lot the same.

As a regular citizen, on one hand I want those deputies to be happy, because they do so much for us. But on the other hand, I also hope the are not huge numbers of mad police. And if there are, I have not decided what that tells us about how to vote.

More reports to come if I can get a connection from inside ….

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While my goal is simply to report the truth, the truth tends to have a rightward slant.

One thought on “A Beautiful Day For A Convention!”

  1. re mad police, IMO it depends on what they’re mad about.

    If it’s that things have changed in the county and you can’t do things the comfortable old way anymore (as with fire and rescue, and the volunteer company that ran a deputy off the road with the firetruck during a drunken joyride in the middle of the night out in Hamilton), then I absolutely support the change that comes with keeping the same Sheriff.

    Have a great day Joe–looking forward to your updates as I’m able through the day.

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