The Real Barbara Comstock

This is on Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s Facebook page:


No, really. It is. This is from the woman who used the word “bipartisan” no less than ten times in one place to describe her work as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. But, hey, an unsourced quote from Ronald Reagan forgives everything, even mocking the 90,000 voters in your district who cast their ballots for the Democratic candidate.

Bi-partisan? Not the real Barbara Comstock.

Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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3 thoughts on “The Real Barbara Comstock”

  1. Haha – if only everyone had to pay all of the taxes they owe on April 15, then, and only then would most people realize just how much money the government takes from them. Withholding is one of the most nefarious inventions perpetrated on Americans…

    1. Ha! So true, Paul. I have so many friends who think of their tax-refund as “income,” that I cannot help but wonder if that’s what our government had in mind all along.

      I remember when my first accountant told me he wanted me to owe tax money at the end of every year. I thought he was insane. But, he explained to me that a refund meant that the government had received an interest-free loan from me, while a payment meant that I had received an interest-earning loan from the government.

      Yeah, I suspect that people don’t all realize how much they are taxed. To be fair to government, however, I would also say that I suspect most people don’t realize how much they get for their taxes.

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