Finally, Some Good Law

Hat’s off to Chap Petersen, who wrote and passed the new Homeowners’ Bill of Rights. Effective July 1, 2015, this common-sense addition to the law gives homeowners clearly stated protections against HOA boards of directors who have run amuck, assuming powers over homeowners they don’t have, and denying those homeowners access and transparency they’re entitled to. Most importantly, it specifies a way for a homeowner to ask for judicial review when their rights are violated.

This is a great piece of legislation. It solves a real problem that a lot of Virginians have had to face, and will face in the future. Beyond that, it’s uplifting to see a Virginia state legislator actually draft and pass a law that has something to do with a practical issue, and do so in a way that’s going to help a lot of people protect their interests. Watching our General Assembly, particularly the current majority, one could end up thinking the only bills that get any attention are the kind that deal with things like high-capacity magazines and fetal personhood. When your HOA board is refusing to show you the records that document how hundreds of thousands of dollars in special assessments were spent, how many rounds you can have in your pistol at one time just doesn’t seem more important to most of us.

Great work, Chap. Thanks!


Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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