Election Day Predictions

Not limited to NoVa:

  • Foust / Comstock: 49 / 51
  • Warner / Gillespie: 56 / 44
  • Trammell / Brat: 46 / 54
  • Don Beyer will win by a lot.
  • Gerry Connolly will by win a lot less than a lot.
  • Republicans will take the senate, 52 / 48.
  • Republicans will gain 10 seats in the House.
  • Mike Michaud will unseat Maine governor Paul LePage (the guy who couldn’t make a nurse go stand in the corner).
  • The tax-relief amendment benefiting widows and widowers of military members killed on duty will pass with 102% of the vote.

Also, even though second-term presidents historically see their party lose a lot more seats in congress than Barack Obama is going to see his party lose tomorrow, John Boehner will tell us this is a historic victory for the American people and that he blames Barack Obama for it.


Author: FirewallNOVA Left

I'm the voice from left of center at FirewallNOVA. Sometimes pretty far left, sometimes pretty close to center. Sometimes maybe not left of center at all. But, mostly, I'm a bleeding-heart liberal or, if not, the crowd on the other side tends to think I am. I can live with that.

6 thoughts on “Election Day Predictions”

  1. Whatever we lose is a bargain for the Affordable Care Act. No other piece of legislation so improves the lives of Americans since civil rights legislation during the Kennedy-Johnson administrations.

  2. I agree, Charlie, but it’s a shame to have to look at it that way. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, I don’t like to think in terms of “low information voters.” Yet, over and over, it seems that the majority of people say they oppose “Obamacare,” while fewer oppose the ACA (even though those are two names for the same thing), while a majority support pretty much all of the major features of the ACA/Obamacare when asked about them individually. But that is a topic for another post, perhaps.

    Oh, people ask me why I listen to Rush. Two reasons: First, it’s like an early-warning system that lets me know what kind of bullshit I’ll be hearing from the far right the next day, and, second, he’s actually kind of funny, sometimes.

  3. Predicting a Romney victory in 2012 results in a state of chronic coyness forever after, I have discovered – but in this matter I will say I am holding out hope for a 7 pt swing in your forecast between Warner and Gillespie.

    RE: Rush, your open-mindedess is refreshing. I know a few liberals who reflexively denigrate things they know nothing about – Rush, Glenn Beck, Fox News being at the top of the list. It is good to converse with someone who criticizes knowledgeably.

  4. We should do a post on this too, but anyone who disregards Rush, Beck, or Fox News, and who wants to know what is going on with a large part of the American electorate, is naive. Rush is the most successful talk-radio personality of all time. One can’t help but at least wonder how he managed that.

    What’s sometimes much harder to listen to than the WMAL roster is their callers. Many of them are being simulcast nationally, so the calls can come from anywhere. The last one I heard went completely off-topic and started into some kind of lunacy about how [whatever the original topic had been] was part of Obama’s plan to declare martial law. I can’t remember who the radio-host was (Hannity, maybe?) but even he said, “How does that make any sense?” The caller said, “It doesn’t!” Oddly, it became time for a commercial break. (Oh, have to point out that this was like one day before Marshall and Black started demanding that TMac take over the airports and shortly before Christie and LePage started locking up nurses without due process. You don’t get to savor the fullness of what sweet irony that is, if you don’t listen to WMAL.)

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