No Federal Money for Working Virginians (but illegal immigrant kids can have it)

As we all know by know, Virginia’s compassionate Republicans utterly refused to accept federal money to extend medical coverage to actual citizens of the United States who are legal residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia. To do so would be the height of folly, since, of course, government cannot be trusted and, if we took that money for the two years it was committed to pay all of the cost of expanding Medicaid to 400,000 of our neighbors who presently have no insurance, the feds might break their promise later to pay for 90% of that cost forever after. Virginians, being the greedy pigs we are, would probably expect to keep on helping our own working poor. So, rather than give them two years of help with money we already paid (and however many years after that those shifty chiselers in Washington keep their promise to us), we clearly had no choice but to give our taxes to someone else.

That’s just good governance.

To Republicans.

Today, we are learning that good governance in saying “no” to money for Virginia’s American citizens is perfectly compatible with saying “yes” to money for Virginia’s illegal aliens. Or, more correctly, demanding money for Virginia’s illegal aliens. In a move so hypocritical that it probably deserves some kind of award, some area county supervisors are calling on the federal government to send them money so they can use it to educate illegal alien minors (“refugees,” to us bleeding-heart lefties, of course).

No, I am not making this up. The very same Republicans who said Virginia couldn’t possibly take federal money for her working poor, are now demanding federal money for her undocumented foster kids. Yes, it is mind-boggling. Unless you are Peter Candland (Republican from Prince William), Pat Herrity (Republican from Fairfax), or Scott York and his “board united” (all Republicans, including the ridiculously persistent Eugene Delgaudio, from Loudoun).

I’m sure this all makes sense, from a certain point of view.

Or views.



Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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2 thoughts on “No Federal Money for Working Virginians (but illegal immigrant kids can have it)”

  1. This is clever, I will grant you.

    As you certainly know, however, the opposition to Medicaid expansion is premised on future costs an order of magnitude larger than what is being discussed for reimbursement of school costs for illegal migrants.

    We’re talking literally billions of dollars verses a few million. And in the former case the expense is in perpetuity for a system badly in need of structural review or audit. Look at the VA, look at the IRS, look at the billions wasted in military cost centers. A dysfunctional government program of such a size (Medicaid is one of the largest line items in the Virginia budget, right?) must be scrutinized.

    1. Even if those criticisms are all valid, none of them supports the notion that refusing our own tax money is something we should do because we might have to support the program later without federal help. That’s simply a fictitious reason made up so Obama wouldn’t get a win.

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