Finally, Foust Benefactor Pulls The Plug

This can only be good news for people who own televisions, and good news for those of us who want to forget we ever heard of John Foust.

It is pretty wonderful news for Barbara Comstock, too. (Also reported earlier today at Bearing Drift)

Foust benefactor pulls plug
Foust campaign on less generous rations for remainder of campaign season

National Democrats have canceled a multimillion-dollar television ad buy in Northern Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, a blow to Democrat John W. Foust in his race against Republican Barbara J. Comstock for a seat that had been seen as very competitive for much of the year.

Foust has been polluting the airwaves and FIOS lines with his rehash of the “war on women” canard. It was a lame and dirty campaign, going back to that well one more time, in effect making his own deal with the devil. Now there will be $2.8 million less of his garbage. Good.

Author: FirewallNOVA Right

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5 thoughts on “Finally, Foust Benefactor Pulls The Plug”

    1. FWNRight, back from the dead! You’ve been missed.

      Reading the tea leaves of national committees and what they do with their money is usually pointless. We need to remember that these are not organizations composed of Roves and Carvilles. Imagine a major philanthropic foundation run by graduate students and I think you’ll be closer. As such, what they do reflects a fervent belief in their own intelligence. Other than that, I see little reason to believe it tells you anything else.

  1. Hmm, interesting point, and thanks for the insight;. The determining factor for me will be what happens during commercial breaks on Wheel of Fortune.

    Thank you for keeping the place humming and for all the great work during the interim.

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