Delgaudio Unbowed

Eugene Delgaudio as superman
Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio appeared optimistic at his October 4 campaign kickoff

In case you were worried the unpleasantness of the past year might have hampered Eugene Delgaudio’s exuberant style, you can put that concern to rest.

The Sterling district supervisor was back in vigorous form at his campaign kickoff and fundraiser last weekend at Joe’s Pizza in Sterling, with about 80 attendees over the course of the two-plus hour event. Looking primed, rested and jovial, he seemed at full speed on the campaign trail already, and said he is extremely encouraged by what he’s hearing from constituents.

At least from Delgaudio’s side, the 2015 election season promises to be a barnburner.

Attendees at the Delgaudio fundraiser included, among others, current and former elected officials, and "Casey" the Ruritan clown.
Attendees at the Delgaudio fundraiser included, among others, current and former elected officials, and “Casey” the Ruritan clown.

Having prevailed over charges of misconduct leveled by a disgruntled former employee, and watched as a judge dismissed an oddball “recall” attempt led by his defeated former opponents and longtime Democrat detractors, Delgaudio is energized.

At the October 4th event, after recognizing a couple dozen local “celebrities” – current and former elected officials, potential future candidates, appointees, activists and miscellaneous supporters – Delgaudio turned the microphone over to Virginia Senator Dick Black.

Dick Black
Senator Dick Black said Delgaudio’s visibility and hard work have been assets to the Sterling community.

Delgaudio related how, during his most difficult time amid the attacks of the past year, Black went to the Republican committee “and said ‘we must stand with Eugene’ … He did not know how that would turn out – he was fearless politically.”

Black noted the impressive turnout and said that Sterling – “a working class district” – is now where one of his children resides and has always been a special place for him. Recalling Delgaudio’s opposition to the meals tax and to suggestions that residential areas be demolished for high density development, as well as Delgaudio’s success in bringing road improvements and the sheriff’s substation to the district, Black said “he has held the fabric of Sterling together.”

If Sterling ever loses Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling is going to be forgotten…

Sterling is on the map because of this man: We have somebody who is vocal, who is persistent, who never stops fighting for the people of Sterling…

There are dyed-in-the-wool, hardcore Democrats who go to the polls and they vote Democrat for everybody but one. And they say “You know, I never vote Republican, but I’ve got to vote for this man because nobody represents me like Eugene Delgaudio.”

Black said the Sterling supervisor’s legendary pace of door-to-door activity in the district was part of the reason for Delgaudio’s reelection term after term, despite board swings from Republican to Democrat and back.

Referring to the unconventional attacks by Delgaudio’s opponents during the current term of the board as “corrupt abuse of the judicial system,” Black said “the Democrats were so anxious to get you out of office because they know they can’t win at the ballot box.”

Audience at Eugene Delgaudio event
About 80 people joined Delgaudio at Joe’s Pizza in Sterling for the campaign kickoff event.

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