Comstock Speaks, Won’t Listen

Barbara Comstock is speaking today at the Ashby Ponds senior residence. Sources there tell us that she will not be allowing residents to ask her questions. This is not the first time she’s shown her fear of seniors. Most likely, her refusal to take questions arises from her no-exceptions policy of not discussing her position on abortion (which is to prohibit it), and from what happened when Ken Cuccinelli did take questions on that topic at Ashby Ponds last year (which was that he was revealed to be an outright liar).

We’re also informed that, although Ashby Ponds will be allowing press to attend, the Comstock campaign has not issued any media kits nor invitations.

Can someone, anyone, please tell us how a candidate who won’t give interviews and refuses to be asked questions has any chance at all of being elected?

UPDATE: We Were Right. Loudoun Times-Mirror reports Comstock did, in fact, refuse to take any questions after her speech today at Ashby Ponds:

“Of all the 60 speakers I’ve invited over the years that I’ve been here this is the first person who has wanted to do it this way,” said Shirley Olson, a resident who helps organize the candidate visits.

What kind of representative won’t take questions?

The story also quotes a Comstock supporter who says it’s okay that the nominee didn’t take questions because she took them at a prior appearance before the primary election. While that’s puzzling logic in the first place, it also conflicts with our sources in Ashby Ponds who say that, prior to today, she refused to accept their invitations. We’ll try to clear that up and let you know what we find out.

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