Let’s Get “Real”

John Foust used a word that Virginia politicians should probably just elide from their vocabularies, when he said Barbara Comstock has never had a “real” job. Taken in full context, anyone can see Foust meant Comstock’s working energies have been devoted to what’s best for the Republican party (“partisan operative,” was how he put it). But, Comstock is a woman and, with Republicans doing all a party can do to ruin women’s lives, her campaign has decided that John was taking a shot at housewives stay-at-home moms. Or maybe it was a shot at federal employees. Or, even more sympathetic, maybe they want him to look like he was mocking lawyers. As Comstock has been all three, they want to be sure no one can be left in any doubt just whom it was that John was mocking, so they’re going to be vague about it and let you decide for yourself (while, of course, reminding you that Barbara Comstock Is A Woman!, which should have us all wondering what virtues Sen. Dick “there is no such thing as marital rape” Black and Del. Bob “birth defects are punishment from God” Marshall have to offer the voters).

Anyway, John probably could have chosen his words better. Those occupations Barbara’s had are all “real” jobs. It’s just that, as a committed operative of the Republican party, Barbara’s never really done them.

Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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