Bob Lazaro… Evolves?

Maybe. Rumors abound in NoVa politics (unlike in the politics of any other region, we are sure). That abundance always includes a goodly set of imaginary next moves for Purcellville’s mayor, Bob Lazaro. Lazaro may not be the most popular guy inside Loudoun county’s political class, but he does win elections and he does lead with effect (look at the litigation he convinced his town council to wage against the county board, for example).

So what’s he really up to? Well, FirewallNoVa keeps hearing that, his plans to replace Scott York having been abandoned, and Sen. Dick Blacks’ tremors (and forgetfulness) getting worse, Lazaro may be thinking about a bid for Black’s seat.

But as what?

At one time, Lazaro would certainly have run as a Republican. In 2010, he joined nearly every other Republican in the area at a party pancake breakfast rally before the 2010 elections.

However, in 2011 he gave up his plans to run for Loudoun BOS chair as a Republican, at a time when Scott York was still an Independent.

In 2012, no formal challenger opposed Lazaro in his re-election bid for mayor, but Republican supporter Kelli Grim mounted a write-in campaign (and took a full third of the vote).

Last year, in 2013, Lazaro made a bold move (at least, for anyone thinking of seeking a Republican nomination), and joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns. In the same year, still calling himself a Republican, Lazaro endorsed Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Most recently, in 2014, he attacked Black directly for the senator’s letter of praise to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad (you know, that saintly bloke who has, among other things, gassed his own people).

That’s a dramatic turn-around in four years, from appearing as a VIP at a Republican election rally in 2010, to risking the wrath of the NRA, endorsing TMac, and joining with the Democratic party to point the finger of shame at a hard-line conservative.

Rumors are everywhere, but Purcellville is entirely within the 13th Senate District, and its mayor is a cagey politician.

It’s speculation now, but, just to get ready, it may be time to start learning how to say, “Senator Lazaro” in northern Virginia.


Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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