Update: Fear & Loathing in the LCDC

Two days ago, we reported Elizabeth Miller’s announcement that she will again run for the 32nd District house seat in 2015, most likely challenging incumbent “Tag” Greason. The next day, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee ran its own announcement on its Web page.

And why not?

Apparently there’s an answer to that question as, today, the announcement is gone. Sources tell FirewallNOVA that yet another internal squabble at LCDC is the reason. Why the LCDC actually does what it does is a mystery to even the greatest minds of our era, but it would appear that a good approximation is that they must want Republicans to win elections. With an all-Republican county board, and an all-Republican house delegation, squelching announcements from Democratic candidates makes perfect sense. Anything else would threaten their perfect batting average.

Too bad for Loudoun’s Democrats that they’re batting for the other team.


Here’s Google’s copy of LCDC’s Web site, before it was censored.
(Click to see it full-sized.)

Somewhere today, "Tag" Greason is laughing about this.
Somewhere today, “Tag” Greason is laughing about this.

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