Transdniestrians Urge Putin: Conquer Us Next

Nina Shtanski
Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski of Moldovan region urges Russia to invade
Just days after the top NATO commander expressed concern the area could be within Russia’s sights, the foreign minister of breakaway Moldovan region Transdniestria is drawing attention for her gushing praise of recent events in Crimea.

Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski of Russian-speaking Transdniestria stated:

The obvious match of the will expressed by people in Crimea and Transdniestria demonstrates that the Russian World is uniting and the people’s wish for unity cannot be stopped.

Read more at The Daily Mail Online.

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  1. My goodness. She’s as pretty as some Republicans wish Sarah Palin really were. At first glance, she’s also qualified to hold the office she has (even if one disagrees with her execution thereof). For some cons who like to judge a woman by her looks, this pro-annexation mother of one is going to be a source of some conniptions.

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