Bolger Fumbles

The two candidates for the Democratic nomination in the 10th CD race spoke to the Loudoun County Democratic Committee a couple of nights ago. John Foust, with some name-recognition already established in Loudoun, made, they say, an ordinary candidate’s speech. His opponent, Richard Bolger, appears to have fumbled, by speaking favorably of the interests of the real-estate industry.

Everyone hopes that property values will return to healthy levels, of course. But, if you know Loudoun county politics, you know that the LCDC is heavily influenced by its western membership, and that those western members abhor real-estate developers. To win the support of the LCDC, then, one must be cautious to distinguish between the value of a resident’s property, and the welfare of the real-estate industry. Observers say that Bolger came off as treating them as one-and-the-same, a fatal error for a candidate in front of that audience.

The same meeting voted on when and where Democrats can vote for the candidate they prefer as their nominee. Nothing official, however, on the LCDC or 10th CD Democratic Committee‘s Web sites about that. If you know more, please post a comment.

Author: FirewallNOVA Left

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